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Lena Erziak invites us on a journey through the depths of melancholy and the beauty that emerges from it. Each piece is an ode to the complexity of human emotions, capturing the duality between darkness and light, nostalgia and beauty.

In a world where emotions are often masked by noise and light, the collection plunges us into the heart of the human soul. Entirely crafted in black, each creation embodies the depth of melancholy, a complex and introspective emotion that reveals a rare and sublime beauty.

“Melancholia” transcends the ephemeral trends of fashion to offer a timeless experience, where each piece is designed as a work of art. The dark fabrics, architectural cuts, and delicate details tell a story of nostalgia and contemplation, capturing the essence of beauty with unparalleled elegance.

The collection is composed of silk gazar, silk organza, duchess satin, Calais lace, brocade, and silk crepe. Notable is the exceptional work of feather artisans who adorned the looks with rooster, goose, and ostrich feathers. All the embroideries are handmade.

In homage to poetic solitude, Lena Erziak invites us to embrace our deepest feelings and find light in the darkness. By celebrating its Melancholia, the house attempts to redefine the codes of beauty and seeks to make us reflect on the importance of emotion in our existence.


It is in "Les Indes Galantes", the opera ballet by Jean-Philippe Rameau, that the two designers of La Métamorphose drew their inspiration. And especially these verses:
“Triumph, pleasant flowers! Spread your perfumes, Revive your colors! »
"Inconstant Butterfly, Fly in your bocage!" Stop, Suspend the course Of your fickle flame! »
21 looks, unique, entirely handmade in the Maison's workshops. A choice of exceptional materials, all made in France and respectful of the environment: Solstiss lace, silk, satin, tulle, for an impeccable fit! Magical cuts, contrasting royal solar gold with the depth of midnight blue and the lightness of anise green. The flower embroideries required a month of work, cut and painted by hand, another month to create the embroidery on the trouser suit, and two months for the pleating of the dresses. From fitted trouser suits, to evening dresses and more artistic looks, highlighting the House's know-how, the new collection of La Métamorphose demonstrates that art is in the DNA of the creative sisters.
The butterfly dress, entirely painted by hand, landing in the extraordinary garden of La Métamorphose, reminds us that our land is this garden, and that there is still time for the flowers to triumph again...

Pictures Credit : GREG  ALEXANDER

The flowers of rebirth and renewal bloom in the tropical garden of La Métamorphose for this spring summer 2021 couture collection.

Light, airy, delicate dresses in which silk, chiffon and embroidered tulles mingle ; hand-cutted petals embellish the  shoulders of the evening gowns. The colors are frank, assumed, like the desire to return to recklessness and sweet summer dreams. Like an outbreak, we go from pastel blue, to nude pink, to powder violet, then come fuchsia and royal blue, symbol of rebirth. An assuredly joyful and romantic collection. The collection is made only with fabrics made in France, Ewa and Margaret, the designers, once again underline their attachment to France and to French know-how. The final touch of the collection is the flower organza wedding dress, worn in two versions: a closed flower which opens up thanks to a silk belt and transforms into a long dress. The dress required 100 hours of modeling and 4 weeks of assembly, petal by petal in order to give the result of a blooming flower. Each petal is glazed and strass embroidered in order to give the illusion of the white rose wet by the  morning .

The shoes created especially for the collection by Ginissima use the fabrics and colors of the collection.

Image Credit Greg Alexander © Méphistophélès Productions

Truly a brand I look forward to seeing ever season. Forever captivated by the design and elegance of each piece that only grows as you lengthen your gaze to admire the details. The Birds of Paradise of the Lebanese designer Ziad Nakad landed at the Château de Vaux-Le-Vicomte for a collection full of colors and symbols.

Fly away from Beirut, bruised by recent events, longing for escape,  for dreams, for  travel. Ziad wanted this collection sexy, slightly frivolous ,  in order to regain the carefree life of yesterday. The dresses are majestic, transparent, airy, the ostrich feathers mingle with silk and lace. All pieces are entirely hand-embroidered in the designer's atelier, lockdown has given time to time …for example the  wedding dress  required 3 months of work, or 3 months of escape ...

Image Credit: Greg Alexander © Méphistophélès Productions

This is the eternal story of an artist who falls in love with his creation ... No one in the real life can match this perfection that he created with his own hands. The work that came out of his imagination meets all his expectations.

For days and nights, in full lockdown, Farhad Re cuts the triple organza of silk in a virginal whiteness. The contours appear delicately, and Pygmalion / Farhad applies himself to carving a light, sculptural, architectural silhouette. No less than 500 meters of organza were needed to create the 15 dresses of the collection.

Behind the opacity of the material looms the grace of the woman as seen by Farhad Re and whom he calls Galatea, with skin white as milk, and with whom Pygmalion fell in love ... The purity of renewal, of freedom, of letting go - after all these months of lockdown- is also found in the perfectly mastered and hand-shaped  geometric shapes that form each dress. An invitation to dreamlike escape, but also to transform the lines of the silhouette like this long chiseled coat, enveloping, comforting, in which we want snuggle up ...

Very attached to the very essence of freedom through his personal history - the mother of the artist of Persian origin fled her country to regain the freedom to think and dress as she sees fit -, Farhad revisits the myth of Pygmalion by giving wings to his Galatea to make her discover the world. A real desire to share this need for the absolute, this quest for the sublime, this inclination to shape in the loved one a soul mate.

image credit: is Photo Greg Alexander et Iris Brosch © Méphistophélès Productions


Inspired by the ancient mosaic, Ziad Nakad's Fall Winter 2019 2020 couture collection is an ode to architecture and geometry. Marked waists , oversize and asymmetrical sleeves are true technical features while giving an impression of lightness in resolutely feminine outfits.

Silhouettes with embroidery embellishments like "tessellas" and "tesserulas" reveal an aerial mosaic. It is this alliteration assemblage that inspired the designer for the collection’s title.

A colorful collection, from blue to red, from gold to silver with black tips.
Always concerned regarding high quality, Ziad Nakad mingles tulles and chiffons, lace and velvet, giving his creations an architectural and modern dimension, always reminding us his mastery in cuts and volumes.
All Ziad Nakad images & video courtesty of Méphistophélès Productions


Looking up into the night sky you feel motionless and mesmerized as you fall prey to the moon’s charm.

Whether it is crescent or full, you bear witness to an eternal celestial struggle for dominance between light and darkness.

The moon’s power and its magnetism are transcended to us through its light. It is this very moonlight that, like an invisible veil, dresses up the night and sets the mood. Whether it falls upon an ocean, a desert or upon a woman’s body it inspires romanticism, a feeling of mystery, elegance and seduction, a fascination with the female form.

Maria Aristidou’s knit couture collection Autumn Winter 2019 / 20 is an ode to Clair de Lune.
The cuts, the designs and accessories with hand embroidered embellishments on colourful, luxurious knit fabrics, made by the designer; they all accentuate the timeless romance, femininity and uniqueness that are defined in every flicker,
every speck of Clair de Lune.

The magic of knitwear inspired the designer to first explore and then create, using luxurious threads and elaborate techniques, various knit patterns. The craftsmanship of detailed hand embroideries adds to the uniqueness of Maria Aristidou's fabric collections for the couture evening and accessories. The process of each collection production starts from the fabric design. Yarns such as wool, viscose, lurex, cotton, silk and velvet are ordered from France and Italy. Then, a series of patterns are designed in great detail followed by a series of tests to decide on the yarns will be used for each pattern, how thick or thin the fabric to be, colour sampling combinations, hand-embroidery design testing, quality and durability checks etc. The whole design and production processes take place in Cyprus.
All Maria Aristidou images & video courtesty of Méphistophélès Productions

Pearl of the Far East:
Whether it is in Indochine or in L’Amant, “Vien Dong” has been in the heart of France as a love. That loves inspired Patrick Pham. On his trip to the rural weaving villages, the young designer suddenly reminisce the distant memories. The luggage he brought back is filled masterpieces from the ivory-like hands of artisans from a country that is deeply in love with France. The old French sentiment for the Far East rises up again with another love story. Paris is just like to meet its old friend!

Coming to this Paris Fashion Week 2019, Patrick Pham presents 29 Couture dresses from handmade textile materials of Vietnam's most famous weaving villages, along with handmade accessories made by artisans from Hue – the Imperial city of the Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam.

Naming the collection “Pearl of Far East” for Couture dresses from handmade and environmentally friendly materials, Patrick Pham probably just started his new journey: the journey to promote Paris fashion lifestyle, but this time, it is somewhere outside of France!

All Patrick Pham images & video courtesty of Méphistophélès Productions
true love:

MADLEINE design's are feminine, yet sleek, affectionate and always a powerful statement for rising beauty of female creation. Using the most precious fabrics, silks, brocade, cloche, organza, taffetas, shantung.

Madeleine’s passion for fashion started when she was only 9 years old, making her very first dress. In high school and college she made the dresses for her classmates with the occasion of the graduation balls. At the age of 20, she opened a small atelier and at 21, she held her first fashion show in Budapest, her home town. In 2011, Madleine founded her own fashion brand without being intimidated of the pressure to make her mark and her designs recognizable. She felt motivated by the ‘challenge’ to bring something new to the highly competitive global fashion market. First customers were impressed not only with her creative talent but also her attention to detail and ultimate quality.

Researching the power of TRUE LOVE, Madleine during her spiritual journey, find the holy cave of Mary Magdalene in Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume,
France. This was a life changing event for her. This is what sparked her inspiration to create her first Haute Couture Collection. The miracle of Love and Faith has led to only a path leading to a soul and spiritual development.

Madleine spirit-inspired, ethereal-looking collection leads us through the mysterious female figure of history, through the earthly statues of Mary Magdalene, to the ultimate fulfillment of existence, the unio mystica, the mystical unity. According to the Evangelical teachings, Mary-Magdalene was an equal companion of Jesus, the supreme supporter, and even the number one Apostle.

With her first collection, Madleine honors Mary Magdalene's accomplished Divine mission, to the Messenger, Apostolic role, to admit her unconditional Love. This is what shines through the finale look of the collection, a gown covered with Diamonds.

Talented designer Aldé Baran created a stunning collection of extraordinary shoes for True Love.

All Madleine images courtesty of Méphistophélès Productions

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