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Inspired by the ancient mosaic, Ziad Nakad's Fall Winter 2019 2020 couture collection is an ode to architecture and geometry. Marked waists , oversize and asymmetrical sleeves are true technical features while giving an impression of lightness in resolutely feminine outfits.

Silhouettes with embroidery embellishments like "tessellas" and "tesserulas" reveal an aerial mosaic. It is this alliteration assemblage that inspired the designer for the collection’s title.

A colorful collection, from blue to red, from gold to silver with black tips.
Always concerned regarding high quality, Ziad Nakad mingles tulles and chiffons, lace and velvet, giving his creations an architectural and modern dimension, always reminding us his mastery in cuts and volumes.
All Ziad Nakad images & video courtesty of Méphistophélès Productions


Looking up into the night sky you feel motionless and mesmerized as you fall prey to the moon’s charm.

Whether it is crescent or full, you bear witness to an eternal celestial struggle for dominance between light and darkness.

The moon’s power and its magnetism are transcended to us through its light. It is this very moonlight that, like an invisible veil, dresses up the night and sets the mood. Whether it falls upon an ocean, a desert or upon a woman’s body it inspires romanticism, a feeling of mystery, elegance and seduction, a fascination with the female form.

Maria Aristidou’s knit couture collection Autumn Winter 2019 / 20 is an ode to Clair de Lune.
The cuts, the designs and accessories with hand embroidered embellishments on colourful, luxurious knit fabrics, made by the designer; they all accentuate the timeless romance, femininity and uniqueness that are defined in every flicker,
every speck of Clair de Lune.

The magic of knitwear inspired the designer to first explore and then create, using luxurious threads and elaborate techniques, various knit patterns. The craftsmanship of detailed hand embroideries adds to the uniqueness of Maria Aristidou's fabric collections for the couture evening and accessories. The process of each collection production starts from the fabric design. Yarns such as wool, viscose, lurex, cotton, silk and velvet are ordered from France and Italy. Then, a series of patterns are designed in great detail followed by a series of tests to decide on the yarns will be used for each pattern, how thick or thin the fabric to be, colour sampling combinations, hand-embroidery design testing, quality and durability checks etc. The whole design and production processes take place in Cyprus.
All Maria Aristidou images & video courtesty of Méphistophélès Productions

Pearl of the Far East:
Whether it is in Indochine or in L’Amant, “Vien Dong” has been in the heart of France as a love. That loves inspired Patrick Pham. On his trip to the rural weaving villages, the young designer suddenly reminisce the distant memories. The luggage he brought back is filled masterpieces from the ivory-like hands of artisans from a country that is deeply in love with France. The old French sentiment for the Far East rises up again with another love story. Paris is just like to meet its old friend!

Coming to this Paris Fashion Week 2019, Patrick Pham presents 29 Couture dresses from handmade textile materials of Vietnam's most famous weaving villages, along with handmade accessories made by artisans from Hue – the Imperial city of the Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam.

Naming the collection “Pearl of Far East” for Couture dresses from handmade and environmentally friendly materials, Patrick Pham probably just started his new journey: the journey to promote Paris fashion lifestyle, but this time, it is somewhere outside of France!

All Patrick Pham images & video courtesty of Méphistophélès Productions
true love:

MADLEINE design's are feminine, yet sleek, affectionate and always a powerful statement for rising beauty of female creation. Using the most precious fabrics, silks, brocade, cloche, organza, taffetas, shantung.

Madeleine’s passion for fashion started when she was only 9 years old, making her very first dress. In high school and college she made the dresses for her classmates with the occasion of the graduation balls. At the age of 20, she opened a small atelier and at 21, she held her first fashion show in Budapest, her home town. In 2011, Madleine founded her own fashion brand without being intimidated of the pressure to make her mark and her designs recognizable. She felt motivated by the ‘challenge’ to bring something new to the highly competitive global fashion market. First customers were impressed not only with her creative talent but also her attention to detail and ultimate quality.

Researching the power of TRUE LOVE, Madleine during her spiritual journey, find the holy cave of Mary Magdalene in Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume,
France. This was a life changing event for her. This is what sparked her inspiration to create her first Haute Couture Collection. The miracle of Love and Faith has led to only a path leading to a soul and spiritual development.

Madleine spirit-inspired, ethereal-looking collection leads us through the mysterious female figure of history, through the earthly statues of Mary Magdalene, to the ultimate fulfillment of existence, the unio mystica, the mystical unity. According to the Evangelical teachings, Mary-Magdalene was an equal companion of Jesus, the supreme supporter, and even the number one Apostle.

With her first collection, Madleine honors Mary Magdalene's accomplished Divine mission, to the Messenger, Apostolic role, to admit her unconditional Love. This is what shines through the finale look of the collection, a gown covered with Diamonds.

Talented designer Aldé Baran created a stunning collection of extraordinary shoes for True Love.

All Madleine images courtesty of Méphistophélès Productions

Featuring colourways of dove and pale pink, cornflower blues to deep jades and dramatic blacks rounding out the palette. This story explores the anatomy and fragility of flowers- their natural peculiarity and softness, while combining and expressing these notions with a mixture of strength and romanticism. It was Steven’s intention to emulate and convey different flowers in varying stages of bloom- from tightly wrapped buds that hug and wrap the body to blossoms unfurling for a spring morning and fully fledged flowers triumphantly open and joyous.

The woman envisioned to be drawn to and wear pieces from this collection is like so many of the women Steven loves to dress - strong, passionate and confident - but who also likes to express their femininity and understand the power of and look for a dramatic silhouette.

Steven has designed a collection rich with surface detailing and using exclusive embroidery techniques leading to the creation of the final pieces. Each piece is uniquely detailed in its construction while still feeling whole and being a part of the same story. Most of these hand finished and detailed gowns can take from 100-200 hours to design, construct and finish. This is part of the DNA of the brand. Every collection is different but still special.

Experimenting with layering and creating tufts of raffia that sit against a silver metallic base to amplify the sheen. Combining hand-cut powder pink silk georgette with a fine metallic thread for intricate vine like centres. Some also comprise small bursts of stamen flowers to enhance the original source of inspiration.

Densely embroidered pieces feature that are designed to have a foliage like formation that gradate into smaller individual clusters. Even more texture was explored through the selection of beading in metallic silver, jet black and gunmetal to increase lustre and shine. Deeper and more sumptuous silk velvet is used to enhance the combination of the matte/shine embroidery.

All Steven Khalil images & video courtesty of Méphistophélès Productions


Emphasizing the body, embrassing the silhouette, revealing the sensuality of a fulfilled and confident woman, but dual, with a mysterious personality... Deep, sequined black, veils, a soft ivory and gold on the wings of an angel... and a rouge amour.

« Immense and red
Above the Grand Palais
The winter sun appears
And disappears
Like my heart will disappear And all of my blood will run out Run out to look for you
My love
My beauty
And find you
There where you are. »
Jacques Prévert

See more of this beatiful collection by clicking on the links below: 
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The journey between the designers native Pakistan and adopted home of Australia culminates in Nomade.

The Nomade design process saw past melancholic experiences of distance infused with highs, visions and conversations that translated into a creative emotional response. These ideas that were bubbling inside me then flooded out in an exuberant burst of creative expression through pencil on paper. The flow of colours, textures and embellishments fell into place like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, creating vibrant textural pieces. Ideas buried deep inside had suddenly come to life.

The Nomade colour palate is inspired by two distinct phases: his childhood adventures amongst the vivid turmeric golds and lush purples of Pakistan’s bazaars, followed by his adult life in Australia and the deep blues of the ocean contrasting with the reds of the desert sands.

The women who wear our pieces are women of style, who live with self-expression and individuality without any boundaries: Nomades.

The fabrics indulge the senses: rich silks - satins, crinkle chiffon, dupion, taffeta, organza - along with lurex blends, evoke the senses reminiscent of the gentle ebb and flow of underwater love and the journey of clouds between vast lands. Fabrics from around the world, including the beautiful French lace from Sophie Hallette, complement these dreams of love.

Working with the fabric grain, using bias cut, fabric manipulation and rich draping has created a silhouette juxtaposing design elements that flatter and empower. Enhancing the nomades’ pilgrimages to exotic lands, our atelier employs traditional couture techniques of draping, ruching, pleating, gathering, dyeing, moulding, corsetry and hand-stitched finishing. Embroidery and beading revel in a luxurious cacophony of textures embodying Swarovski crystals, ostrich feathers, glass beads and delicate threads.

Nomade required approximately two thousand hours to construct; just a dash in time compared to the pleasures our Nomades will experience with the collection.

All Aleem Yusuf images & video courtesty of Méphistophélès Productions

Nothing is static in this world. All movement means progression, change, development. As the present is evolving so fast, we would like to stop the time, to take wings and to fly away, to breathe...
Thus, all terrestrial creatures with wings move, fly, and live freely in Nature. Similarly, the human being has always aspired throughout his development to a deep desire to fly to discover the unknown and closer to perfection: Nature. He created planes to fly; Armine Ohanyan Paris presents in the new collection of "L E T F L Y" this contrast between naturalness and invention realized by man, and reveals both the volatile and metallic, natural and mechanical aspects. Several elements illustrate this opposition, such as the use of natural materials (silk chiffon, silk organza, duchess satin, cotton, etc.) - with beautiful hand pleats designed by Maison du Pli - combined with laser cutting.

Moreover, to denounce the pollution of the air and the world around us, the designer reiterates the use of recycled plastics by summoning them into a much more luxurious dimension. Indeed, the plastic is covered with a layer of white gold.

The house Armine Ohanyan Paris collaborates here with the house Daumet. Daumet combines ancestral know-how and new technologies from scientific research, revolutionizes the world of gold, by committing to work only with recycled gold and by customizing dry materials and without any chemical bath.

The imaginary gives us wings. Let's fly! And let fly ...

All Armine Ohanyan images & video courtesty of Méphistophélès Productions

It's almost that time again! Don't forget to get your tickets for the flavor packed food and wine festival in Greenwich. This year the line up of chefs, restaurants and musical performances (Tim McGraw) are sure to delight the crowd. Why should you miss out on this amazing weekend full of fun and deliciousness! Click here for more details and ticket info.

Being a NYC resident summer time is all about getting out of the city and living that Hamptons life. One of the best events to capture that feel is at James Beard Foundation's Chefs and ChampagneJBF's year-long "Rise" celebration—a salute to the countless ways our food community rises to meet the world’s challenges and makes it a more delicious, diverse, and sustainable place for all. It was a beautiful day to be surrounded by endless champagne and food from top chefs around the country. This annual culinary highlight of the Hamptons summer season will showcase chefs who embody the leadership and commitment that JBF supports everyday through its many programs including Awards, Women’s Leadership, Impact programs, and Scholarship, including announcement of the 2018 recipient of Christian Wölffer Scholarship at Chefs & Champagne. This years honoree was the lovely Padma Lakshmi, host and executive producer of Bravo’s James Beard Award–winning and Emmy award–winning Top Chef, food expert, model, actress, and best-selling author.

The name MEI LI is derived from the Mandarin word for “Beautiful”. The San Francisco-based MEI LI team of James, Akiko and Olivia sought to make a line of handbags and leather goods for women designed to be beautiful and elegant on the outside, smart and  functional on the inside, and effortlessly styled for day or night. 

Often, handbags look great on the outside, but on the inside, it’s like a black hole for belongings. At best, it’s muddled odd sized pockets that serve no real use. Standing at the intersection of fashion and function, MEI LI is the solution to this problem. Their genuine leather handbags - the crossbody, medium tote and large tote - are perfect for keeping your daily essentials in order, no matter where you go. Organization is built into every item in the MEI LI line providing seamless function inside every beautiful bag. 

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve lost your keys or your phone. Or fumbling to find your lipstick. With key straps, card holders, zippered pockets, and secure closures, all of our MEI LI bags put an end to frustrated fumbling. And they protect belongings from theft or loss in transit.

MEI LI totes cater to technology driven lifestyles with thoughtfully designed, custom sized inner compartments to protect tablets, eReaders, laptops and important paperwork. There’s even a designated water bottle compartment - no more worries about tipping and spilling. Whether for a night out or a night at the gym, the largest MEI LI tote offers enough space for a change of clothes making it the ultimate daily companion for a modern woman’s busy lifestyle.

Min Crossbody

Only from MEI LI. The Min Crossbody was inspired by the idea that a crossbody bag could hold and do more. Featuring an inner key ring an inner zippered pockets, this bag is structured to securely hold all of your essentials. The flap and lock easily opens up for quick access to the contents inside, while concealed magnetic buttons on the back fuse with the Mei Li magnetic wallet allowing your full-size wallet to become a part of your crossbody.

Lian Medium Tote
The Lian tote reimagines the daily handbag for the modern woman. The intentional compartments, key ring, and internal and external pockets make it the perfect busy life companion, while the premium Nappa leather and luxe design make it a style icon. Sized perfectly for work and business dinners, the Lian is our most versatile design.

Compartment/Holders for: up to a 12 inch slim laptop, an iPad/tablet/Kindle, Computer accessories, umbrella, water bottle, cables and earphones & cellphone.

Lily Large Tote

The Lily tote reimagines the work tote for the modern woman. With the same amazing features of Lian, the Lily tote expands on that innovative design by just adding more room. Designed with the woman who needs it all in mind, the Lily tote has space for not just your everyday essentials, but for items like gym shoes and binders. For a woman who has a lot to fit into her day, the Lily is spacious enough to carry everything she needs to get through it.

Compartments/Holders for: 15 inch thin laptop, 
an iPad/tablet/Kindle, Computer accessories, umbrella, water bottle, cables and earphones & cellphone.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign for more & a video of these stylish and functional bags here!

The inspirations for Kristina Fidelskaya’s new Ready-to-Wear collection are multiple: a touch of androgyny in reference to Bowie coming out of the Carlyle Hotel in New York in the 70s, the nonchalance of Parisian women walking down the Avenue Hoche in the 90's blended with the timeless and chic simplicity of Elsa Peretti for Halston. And of course, the presence of the signature Kristina Fidelskaya dress coat.

A collection with a touch of Montana, with its oversize shoulders, its precise silhouettes that mark and draw the waist, in a spirit of deconstruction, soft tailoring and natural elegance. Geoffrey Beene's graphic line blends into the fluid movement of the silk fringes of the 1970s. A resolutely elegant wardrobe, easy to wear, but also and above all timeless, punctuated with coated shearling and silk mousseline fil coupe, for a cocooning effect.

Throughout the silhouettes, there is comforting pure cashmere mixed with laminated cotton, dry wool and silk, inspired by the colors and textures of the work of Alberto Burri on the combustion of vinyl, which one imagines taking life on a Stella Tennant.

We also can feel this signature, on the glossy gabardines for an ultra-soft touch, in the ebony black metallic jersey, the matt papery leather and the fluid silk fringes.

Kristina succeeds a mixture of idealized past and assumed modernity, a revisited search for lost past, for a strong, rebellious woman who can let go when she decides, and only then, the soft flaw of an immaculate white mousseline. 

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