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Friday, June 28, 2024

Fashion Week: LENA ERZIAK COUTURE SHOW AW 24/25 Paris Haute Couture

Lena Erziak invites us on a journey through the depths of melancholy and the beauty that emerges from it. Each piece is an ode to the complexity of human emotions, capturing the duality between darkness and light, nostalgia and beauty.

In a world where emotions are often masked by noise and light, the collection plunges us into the heart of the human soul. Entirely crafted in black, each creation embodies the depth of melancholy, a complex and introspective emotion that reveals a rare and sublime beauty.

“Melancholia” transcends the ephemeral trends of fashion to offer a timeless experience, where each piece is designed as a work of art. The dark fabrics, architectural cuts, and delicate details tell a story of nostalgia and contemplation, capturing the essence of beauty with unparalleled elegance.

The collection is composed of silk gazar, silk organza, duchess satin, Calais lace, brocade, and silk crepe. Notable is the exceptional work of feather artisans who adorned the looks with rooster, goose, and ostrich feathers. All the embroideries are handmade.

In homage to poetic solitude, Lena Erziak invites us to embrace our deepest feelings and find light in the darkness. By celebrating its Melancholia, the house attempts to redefine the codes of beauty and seeks to make us reflect on the importance of emotion in our existence.


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