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Monday, December 19, 2011

Live Cooking with Todd English at Park & Bond Pop-Up Shop

 Last week, I had the pleasure to see Todd English cook live! I was lucky enough to meet him once before at the opening of the Ember Room. He was so friendly, smiling constantly and took pictures with everyone. This was a Gilt City event with GQ and Park&Bond sponsoring a live cooking demonstration for the launch of his new cookbook; Cooking in Everyday English. Being that this was all done in a clothing store they couldn't really cook anything in fear of the clothes. So ceviche was on the menu, notice the picture of the gigantic bowl filled with all kinds of seafood. There were oysters, clams, braised octopus, sea urchin, scallops and hamachi. Everything (excluding the hamachi) was still live. I've never see sea urchin up close before, it felt different than I expected; more like straw and sharp spikes. I actually poked a scallop and it almost shut on my finger lol, kind of scared me :) While waiting for the cooking to start we snacked on some apps and refreshing/strong drinks both from his cook book. Everyone started gathering in the back ready to see the show. I had a great view right next to the stage. Todd called up two guys to make it more of an iron chef competition, which was fantastic! I love to cook and actually wanted to go to culinary school. But after getting my bachelors and Sallie Mae taking most of my money, I decided that dream is on hold lol. It was great to see how you prep the seafood and properly open the scallops and sea urchin. I like being able to see the whole process, it makes you have more appreciation for what you're eating. Both guys did really well and requested some of the ladies to come up and sample. Of course, I was one of the chosen; mostly due to being front row and a food lover. Both were soooo delicious, the seafood was so fresh. Honestly some of the best seafood I've had in a while. Well, clearly I had a blast! All I have to say are good things :)
Cutting open the Sea Urchin
And now...the Scallops
Mini Hot Chocolate & Red Velvet Cupcake...don't mind if I do :-p


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