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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bacardi Celebrates 150 Years!

Bacardi has officially been the drink of choice for 150 years to many people around the world. On Tuesday, January 23rd I went to the Condé Nast building for their anniversary party sponsored by GQ magazine. The ads like the one pictured above were projected on all the walls, artistically laid copies of GQ magazine were on the tables, delicious small bites were brought out on trays, and of course the rum was flowing! There was a great turn out of people, some I actually knew. It still amazes me how now when I go places, I run into more and more familiar faces. I moved to NYC exactly 2 years ago, without knowing anyone. It's great to see the progress and the growth of my circle. Back to the party…the food was absolutely delicious, anyone who knows me knows my love of food. If it's being served I'm going to try it! After my sampling of everything lol, I mixed and mingled over drinks. All in all it was a great party in all aspects, the people, food, drinks, and the hospitality of the brands/staff hosting. It was a night to remember...I love their ad slogan "History's supposed to be boring, nobody told us." So true, I can't even think of a mediocre rum filled night :) For more highlights and drink ideas check out the "Great Moments" timeline below. 


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