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Monday, February 27, 2012

ENK WHITE Party: Coterie’s debut of WHITE New York and TMRW Men’s

This was my first time at the ENK White party thrown by Factory PR. The space was massive at the Tunnel Terminal Stores. The Tunnel used to be a famous night club back in the day that was featured in many movies, books and tv shows like Sex in the City and in the novel American Psycho. I can't even image how crazy it must have been...you could feel the old new york history in the air. Now back to present day the Tunnel is now a warehouse that has many stores currently housing the ENK White party for their upcoming coterie. As I walked through the seemingly endless setup of clothes, accessories, and jewelry for men and women, there were two main booths I was instantly drawn to. They were Bob Sdrunk eyewear and Leghilā handbags. Sdrunk's theme for their line was natural elements in the photos below you can see they used cork and wood for some of their frames. Very interesting concept and a definite conversation starter; not to mention how cute they are on. They also come in array of different colors to fit your personality or mood. Leghilā was a showstopper for me, all the colors, styles and details made for their line of handbags. First thing you should know is that they're made from the same material as scuba diving suits, making them durable, never loose their shape and washable. They even provide a washing bag for you when you make a purchase. You have a choice of 73 different color variations and can truly make a handbag that captures your unique style and everyones attention! See below for more pictures of the ENK Coterie.


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