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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lia Sophia's Zingara Red Carpet Collection

This was my first time at the Lia Sophia showcase and I wasn't disappointed. Some of my friends have gone before and I always admire their pieces. Nothing like a cool, color, edgy or bold statement jewelry piece to make an outfit go from flat to wow. This was at the Empire Hotel of course, pretty much the the holder of all things fabulous during fashion week. Not to mention its directly across the street from Lincoln Center, super convenient for running back & forth to the tents. Back to the showcase…there was a lovely spread of small bites to eat and fun drinks. While I was there the wonderful Miss Jay was there from America's Next Top Model. That officially puts me up to 2 ANTM judges that I've met since moving here. Last year I met Tyra (insert scream)! Please take a look below for the incredible gypsy inspired jewelry for the Zingara red carpet collection. I left with the beautiful Fortuna Earrings; appropriately named with the shape & design. They're clear cut crystals in matte silver. For more details of where to buy Lia Sophia or see more of the Zingara collection, please go to their website!

My beautiful Fortuna Earrings


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