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Friday, March 9, 2012

Kipling Turns 25 in 2012

This past week I had the pleasure to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kipling. This wasn't just a birthday party, it was also the launch of their global project, "Play With Bags." Kipling is a world wide accessories brand that had 8 chosen artists pair their creative minds with their brand as a medium to create moving pieces to show off their accomplished style of their one of a kind products. Their wonderful yet simple bags were everywhere and so were the futuristic looking monkeys. Art covered each wall, I made sure to do a complete lap around the party to take it all in. They even had a huge board for everyone to sign giving their birthday wishes…you can see mine (en français) in the photos below, look on the bottom left! The drinks were flowing, trays of food were passed and the crowd was full of good company. Ran into a few friends and even made some new ones. Before ending they made an announcement for their appreciation and the meaning of the Kipling brand and what "Play with Bags" means to them. Its always nice to be appreciated and hear what the thought process is behind the brand and the dedication it takes to make it for as long as it has. As all good birthday parties do when they come to a close there were cupcakes! Many delicious, sprinkled covered and of course monkey themed cupcakes and can't forget this…chocolate covered strawberries. Needless to say, I had a ball! Happy Anniversary Kipling & many more :)

Yours truly…moi :)
Taken by Tom Concordia

Julie Dimperio, Paul Graves & Anne Nearman (Taken by Tom Concordia)

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