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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Angela Simmons By Indique: BIKINI Launch Party

Last night as a hump day treat I went down to the Parlor for Indique Hair and Angela Simmons product launch collaboration for their new line of hair extensions "BIKINI." As most know Angela always has her hair looking right so this was a definite match make. Now I know extensions aren't for everybody, but the line does offer some great alternatives for styles, protective hair care and even for those that no longer have the luscious mane they used to (due to age, illness, etc). Personally I'm dealing with the transition to natural hair (which I've tried before & failed lol). For me to really commit and do the big chop I would like to still look like myself. That being said this line became that much more interesting. See photos below or find more info at their website! Proceeds from the "BIKINI" line go to CancerCare.

Photo Credit: Jerome Shaw for Indiqué Hair
Angela Simmons with Jasmine Solano
Tika Sumpter & Angela Simmons
Angela Simmons & Ericka Dotson

Tika Sumpter
Models with Angela Simmons & Ericka Dotson
Jr Smith (NY Knicks)

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