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Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Fridays with Team Epiphany

Summer Fridays with Team Epiphany has been nothing short of a amazing. This Friday was the close of the three week series. First, stop was at WIP right after the infamous Chris Brown & Drake entourage fight. If you haven't been WIP looks sorta like a rave. The lights, the crazy art and everyone wearing glow accessories takes you to another world…add in the fact that its only 1pm & the party is already goin. This probably was my favorite because I met Tyson Beckford *sigh* he was just as beautiful and super friendly (I was shocked lol). He was just out hangin like everyone else. Next stop took us on a boat aka one of my fanciest summer fridays in the city. We chartered the one of the World Yacht boats and enjoyed the scenic view of the Hudson river. Drinks were flowing and the music bumping while everyone was on the rooftop deck getting their dose of vitamin D. Last and final stop in the series was at Brooklyn Terrace for a luau. Today in the city its in the 90s almost too hot to move lol. But when does that ever stop people….never. Collaboration with Pepsi to get the party started and a perfect ending for the series. Definitely gonna miss it!


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