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Monday, August 6, 2012

Malibu Music Invasion with Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship) & DJ Reach

Malibu Music Invasion was the perfect summer time event! Set outside in the lovely Beekman Beer Garden at Pier 17 like a day on the beach (sand included). The fun began at the entrance were we did the limbo into the event…of course I had to jazz mine up so I shimmied (not too smart while carrying a drink, lol). You know I love food and Malibu appreciated that :-p washed it down with my favorite drink of the night the extra tasty piña colada. After taking some scenic river view shots with the Brooklyn bridge as a backdrop we made our way back to VIP to relax, dance and enjoy the ambience. Two of the stars from Dallas made there way to the event Jesse Metcalfe (swoon) & Josh Henderson. I was able to get a pic with Josh, I must say he's very pretty lol…flawless skin & nice of course. Once that rendezvous was complete it was time for DJ Reach & Gabe Saporta to hit the stage, huge glow sticks & foam hands were passed out to get the crowd hype! Another wonderful NYC night…that's all I can say :)

Josh Henderson & Jesse Metcalfe from Dallas

Josh Henderson & I 

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