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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

EFFEN Vodka Presents the Art of Design

A normal gloomy day turned into anything but….I ended up at the Empire Hotel Rooftop for Effen's Art & Design event. As usual I waited in the line for the elevator (as anyone who has been, knows thats the process). As soon as we got upstairs we were greeted and given marbles for judging the drink contest. Aside from trying all the different concoctions you could also make your on creation. There was a separate station with a bar setup with different herbs, fruit and more to make a special blend all your own…with Effen vodka of course. There was more than just alcohol, jewelry designer Brianna Fano and Orly Shani were showcasing some of their work as well. Another great event for a good cause…I'll drink to that! :)

 Brianna Fano (http://www.briannafano.com)
 Orly Shani, Creator of Tuc & Wes (http://www.tucandwes.com)


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