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Monday, October 1, 2012

NTD's 5th International Chinese Culinary Competition and Fire up the Wok Challenge

Having the NTD's International Chinese Culinary 5th Year Competition right in the middle of Times Square was a sight to see. It always amazes me how they're able to make these complete sets within hours of being syndicated and just as quickly taken down. Each chef had a competing station styled as their own Chinese kitchen built for the Kung Pao Chicken contest. I myself love Food Network…especially Iron Chef (Japan) so this was a wonderful experience for me. Seeing the chefs battle each other for the best dish while trying to give a nod to tradition and put their own spin on the flavor/look to win the challenge. Watching the prep of the chickens and the flaming pans was amazing! The chefs worked with such speed and precision, all of Times Square surrounding the NTD stage watched in awe. Many tourists had a great story to tell their friends and family back at home.

Photo Credit: Edward Dai & Dai Bing


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