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Monday, January 28, 2013

Style & Beauty: Get a Glimpse into Concept Korea's F/W 2013 Collection

SON JUNG WAN by Son Jung Wan
SON JUNG WAN creates practical and compact silhouettes by using a minimalist approach to New York’s taste and sensibility.  Romantic, retro and glam are elements that are portrayed by using beautiful fabrics that create a light and feminine feel. www.sonjungwan.com

SON JUNG WAN’s Fall Winter 2013 collection is titled, “Dynamic Romance,” and was inspired by abstract painter, Wassily Kandinsky and the beauty of The Catherine Palace.  She draws from Kandinsky’s use of color and geometric shapes, infused with beauty of The Catherine Palace’s elegant, flamboyant colors.

KYE by Kathleen Hanhee Kye
A 2011 graduate of Central Saint Martins, KYE is already a favorite among the world’s most powerful retailers, including Opening Ceremony and Harvey Nichols.  Her collection is described as, “Fun-loving fashion: extraordinary fashion concepts and shapes that render fashion art products.” www.kyefahsion.com 

KYE’s Fall Winter 2013 collection titled, “Unemployed Youth: Homeless Youth.” Drawing inspiration from the Seoul Station, the collection portrays images that are beautifully created with garbage wrapping papers, boxes and graffiti. This season, the collection is consists of oversized silhouettes, layering, and unusual material combinations.

 CRES. E DIM. by Hongbum Kim
CRES. E DIM. Draws from the musical term ‘crescendo e diminuendo,’ with ‘CRES’ meaning ‘getting gradually louder,’ and ‘DIM’ reflectively meaning ‘getting gradually softer’ – Hongbum Kim applied this theory to his fashion identity.  His philosophy involves juxtaposing the look of a naturally flowing river against strong shapes, cuts and color. www.cresedim.com 

CRES. E. DIM’s Fall Winter 2013 collection is titled, “Secondary Nature.” The collection expresses nature’s mystery with different methods using Technology (secondary nature) and inspiration drawnfrom Tokujin Yoshioka and Helmut Newton.

 LIE SANG BONG by Lie Sang Bong
Lie Sang Bong uses the process of invention and reinvention by fusing art and culture.  The collection combines unique volume, form, and geometrical shapes of the human body, with an energized flair www.liesangbong.com

LIE SANG BONG’s Fall Winter 2013 collection is titled, “Retro.” The collection is a reinterprets 1950 imagery with a modern touch.

CHOIBOKO by Choi Bo Ko
Fashion does not dress the body, but dresses the soul.  CHOIBOKO considers the social component of fashion with interest in human nature from a philosophical point of view.  Using tangible/intangible cultural traditions, Choi develops a unique identity by making his designs modern and global.  His hidden message is expressed in surrealistic way by transforming ordinary nature into glamour and modernity www.choiboko.com

CHOIBOKO’s Fall Winter 2013 collection is titled, “Dance of Gods,” mixes various abstract images of nature as if it to create a dance. ”Dance of Gods’ is abstract expression that symbolizes the magic of comfort and hope.

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