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Monday, January 28, 2013

My Life in NYC: My Weekend at the Met

This weekend I went to the Met with my roomie. I've been wanting to see "Faking It" a photography exhibit that shows different images throughout history that were manipulated before photoshop was created. In high school & college I took film photography classes. I've always been enticed by the idea of capturing memories. That particular exhibit did not allow pictures so here are some of the other pieces of art that caught me eye.

 Immediately I thought…I'd wear that!
 Rainbow :)

 Love the vibrant colors plus it includes what I did that day. Grocery shopping, housework & a visit to Sephora.
 I said to my roommate, 'Omg, that looks like me!' She said "I know exactly which 1 you're talking about!" Top row, center with the white background, lol.
We look cray
 You have to see it close up to really get how amazing this piece is! Its made completely out of circles and took up an entire wall. So impressed! 


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