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Monday, April 22, 2013

Food Review: Opening of Gallow Green Rooftop Lounge & Herb Festival

The Gallow Green rooftop lounge is officially open! Sometimes the city can be overwhelming with traffic and all of the people in it. Gallow Green makes you feel as if you transported into a new tranquil place surrounded by fresh plants (making the air smell so fresh) and not to mention the time warp you feel as you enter the McKittrick Hotel. The staff is amazing and pleasant a perfect match the beautiful atmosphere. They have a live band to delight the guests as the eat/drink and periodically some of the performers from Sleep No More come up and dance. As my friend and I listened to the bands we sipped on tasty cocktails! I had Vanessa's Cup (Rhum JM Gold, Pimms, strawberries, ginger, sirup de cannes, and nettle tincture) and my friend had Maiden In May (vodka, lemon, créme de Yvette, seltzer and bay leaves). As for food we enjoyed the sample tray featuring all of their savory and sweet bites. My favorite for savory were the grilled beef skewers with habanero vinaigrette, as for sweet the red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! If you're looking for a new place that's more than just food & cocktails, but an experience; this is it! Gallow Green opens Monday-Saturday at 5, Sundays at 4. 

 So pretty
 Entering Gallow Green
 Atmosphere 1
 The live band!
 Gallow Green Punch
Left: Vanessa's Cup  Right: Maiden In May

Our platter :-P
 Some of my favs!
 Atmosphere 2
 Some of the performers passing out goodies
 The corsage they gave me :)
The cute hand written note they gave us

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