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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Events: Pinnacle Vodka Flavor Launch

My favorite vodka is Pinnacle's whipped cream vodka, so of course I was excited to attend their flavor launch for Strawberry Shortcake & Sherbet! The launch was held at the Jimmy in the beautiful James Hotel, home of David Burke Kitchen (who provided the tasty snacks). I've been to the restaurant a few times so I was happy to see some of the dishes I enjoy, plus having some food to soak up the alcohol is always a good thing, lol. Pinnacle organized us into 3 groups for blind fold tastings for the 2 new flavors. Both stations made unique and delicious concoctions, enticing the guests for more. I think my favorite drink of the night was the "Java Whip", no surprise since it consists of whipped cream vodka (my fav), dark chocolate and coffee! Most surprising drink was their dirty martini. Like most when I think of Pinnacle I think of flavors, but they do have a plain vodka that was smooth and delicious! For more cocktail ideas visit their website and take your party to the next level!


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