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Friday, April 19, 2013

Events: Where Art Meets Organization ~ Post-It 2013 Brand Collection

Although I'm out of school, I still love the colorful and cute supplies. I remember how I used to decorate my locker and look forward to using all my new stuff for class. Now that I'm in the real working world, that side of me still hasn't change. I entered the Post-it and Scotch dream world and was amazed how they made the new brand collection even better than later year! The biggest difference I noticed was clever tactics made to make post-its cool for boys and men, like the karate and football helmet post-it holders, mustache tape, the businessman post-it collection and much more! See my photos from OpenHouse Gallery for a sneak peak into what's to come!

Flags, dividers and highlighters…
More sophisticated businessman line
Tabs & notes!
Karate post-it holders!
Bejeweled notes for the ladies
The accessory line :)
Polka dots courtesy of Scotch Tape
The Scotch Tape Room
Cuties!! Tape dispensers 
Decorate with Scotch Tape
Locker decor realness
Fly wrapping
Pick a pattern, any pattern
Big post-its!

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