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Monday, November 18, 2013

My Life In NYC: The Incredible Street Art of 5 POINTZ

Typically my week is packed with work, press previews and other events that by the time the weekend gets here, all I want is to sleep till Monday morning. Especially now with the temperature decline partnered with my love of sleep; I found myself falling deeper into a rut of laziness. So…to conteract this, I decided to start venturing out and going somewhere (anywhere) during my free time on the weekend. Whether its a restaurant, museum or just a different area of Manhattan; I want to explore. I journeyed off the isle of Manhattan to Long Island City to see the raved graffiti art of 5 POINTZ. I'm always amazed by people who can draw, its truly extraordinary gift. The scale of the murals, dimensions and depth that were made; were so impressive. There have been threats of tearing it down (to build more apartments) causing many to stand up for its protection, including famed street artist Banksy!



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