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Friday, January 24, 2014

Press Preview: The New Fountain MedSpa ~ A Calming Oasis

Who doesn't love a spa day? You go in for some R&R and leave looking and feeling better than when you arrived. I had the wonderful opportunity to experience and learn about the new Fountain MedSpa. As soon as you enter you can feel the atmosphere de-stressing you and the fact that it's a brand new facility, honestly excites the clean freak in me! During my visit, I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein and ask him a million questions like what/how/why do the services they offer and about the results. He was very nice and gave me a tour while answering my many questions and concluding with a b12 shot (we'll discuss later).

Fountain MedSpa offers the following services: facials, laser treatments, vitamin therapy, laser skin resurfacing and cosmetic injections. I believe that as long as you take good care of yourself doing the necessary upkeep you can prevent the transformation into the crypt keeper. Personally I don't think I'm in the market for laser skin resurfacing or cosmetic injections at this time, but I did speak with some customers that raved about the results and (equally important) the staff. They also feature the famous "Vampire Facial" (PRP Facial) similar to the one Kim K had on #KUWK.

What I am interested in are the facials, laser treatments and vitamin therapy. The main features that intrigues me to Fountain is the customized skin analysis (done with a machine) that they use for your face to pinpoint those pesky areas that cause the imperfections we all want gone. This allows them to tell you what steps to take to prevent/correct and they can create a facial specially for you! Second attention grabber, laser treatments: laser hair removal to be exact. Shaving is no longer in style or the expensive razors we have to buy. I'd rather have the hair zapped away, leaving smoother skin with less maintenance. Finally, vitamin therapy which is something new for me to consider. After I tried the B12 shot, it got me thinking: this could be awesome! Something you should know, I'm absolutely terrified of needles, like someone has to hold my hand and I can't know its coming! Dr. Goldstein tried to ease my fears while I reminded myself I'm a grown woman, not a punk. Honestly the shot was painless, I was amazed! Not right away, but later that day I felt this surge of energy that lasted for a few days and my skin was more glow-y. Like the customized facial, they can customized a vitamin therapy concoction using all the vitamins your body is lacking to help your immunity and energy.

I'm all about the concept of personalizing treatments. I'll be back next month to get a customized facial to get complexion I desire and frankly deserve :) I have combination skin, meaning my face has this phenomenon of being dry and oily at the same freaking time! After, I'll update the review with my results....stay tuned! 


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