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Monday, January 27, 2014

Red Carpet: The Fashion At The 2014 Grammys

Photo Credit: E Online

As the award season continues on…let's unveil last night's red carpet recap from the 2014 Grammys. There were a lot of metallics, sheers, bold colors and a couple of robots on the carpet. I felt like the Grammys had its ups and downs during the extra long 3.5hr show. Let's start of with the high points starting with my favorite couples from the night. Jay Z + Beyoncé (left) and Calvin Harris + Rita Ora have won my best dressed pairs, Beyoncé is wearing Michael Costello and Rita is wearing Lavin. The ladies look exquisite and the men look extra dapper.

Jay Z + Beyoncé (Left)   Calvin Harris + Rita Ora (Right)
As for my favorite ladies in metallics Chrissy Teigen in Johanna Johnson, Ciara in Emilio Pucci and Taylor Swift in in Gucci. Although I wish Taylor would have done something more with her hair…that would have made the look as a whole perfection.
 Who wore the best red on the red carpet that would be Colbie Callait in Ezra Couture and Pink in Johanna Johnson! Both of these ladies looked like stars.
 Dynamic duos on the carpet: Madonna and her son David in Ralph Lauren (Madonna is wearing a gold grill…just an fyi). Ryan Lewis & Macklemore looked fab, I love men that take a risk, reminds me of OutKast in a way.
 One looks great, the other is trying far too hard…can you guess which is which? Katy Perry looks like stunning in Valentino while Paris Hilton is trying to recapture an audience in Gucci.
More unfortunate ensembles: Ariana Grande in Dolce & Gabbana wearing nude tights and grandma pumps? Gag! Pharrell is fly, but I'm not feeling the hat, at all. Checkout #Pharrellshat's twitter for a laugh. Lastly, Kathy Griffin. Sigh, I'm a fan but this pattern plus color choice is a no.

Oh and here are the robots I mentioned…aka Daft Punk


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