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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fashion Week: Emerson MBFW Fall 2014 Collection

Designer Jackie Fraser-Swan’s Emerson collection portrays the perfect combination of rock meets romance that is her brand’s signature, this season adding in a hint of contrasting darkness mixed with soft blush pastels. As Jackie explains, “For Fall/Winter 2014, I was inspired by strong women who are breaking the mold; shattering the idea that women are supposed to dress or act a certain way. I’m not into the whole “princess” ideal at all; I want young women to just be themselves without worrying about what others think. She definitely succeeded in doing so. The collection was full of amazing dresses that weren't typical; very unique. The below images are my top picks for rocker fancy chicness that the Emerson brand exudes!

Designer Jackie Fraser-Swan by Randy Brooke
Front Row: Stephanie Scott, Leigh Lezark, Jacquie Lee & Diane Guerrero by Randy Brooke

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