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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Press Preview: Yoana Baraschi Spring 2014 Collection

Believe it or not, spring is coming…eventually. While it's taking its sweet time, let's talk about Yoana Baraschi's upcoming spring collection. The images from the new line were shot by Erik Madigan Heck, he's known for adding color to his prints with paint (not easy) which makes them look almost like paintings themselves. The other obvious theme are these strong brows, those are all Yoana; its one of her trademarks. The delicate dresses, luxe lace and fun prints for blazers and pants are the main components of the collection. I'm all about the top right ensemble, looks like a jumpsuit but its actual separates! It looks comfortable yet fancy and that's my typical my style. See more of her fab designs at her website or in stores like Anthropolgie.



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