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Friday, September 12, 2014

Food Review: Washington Market Tavern

New restaurant with a downstairs private lounge, Washington Market Tavern is the new Tribeca hot spot! I had the pleasure of coming for a networking event and decided to stay for dinner with my roomie. I had so many great things about the menu while I was there that I couldn't pass up trying some of the menu items for myself. What's unique about Washington Market Tavern is that the menu is ever changing based on what is in season(being that it is a farm to table restaurant) and what inspires the chef. Also not a bad way to keep customers coming back for new tasty meal options.

They have a delicious array of cocktails and fun facts. Each signature cocktail has the name and date of the first cocktail pioneer that invented it. I chose The Font cocktail and it was nothing short of amazing! Bourbon is growing on me with its huge comeback in the cocktail world and the fact that my roommate is from Kentucky, haha. Besides that The Font is more than a drink its an experience; they light cloves and trap the smoke for it to release when you uncover it table side before your first sip!

As for dinner we decided to share three items: the heirloom tomato salad, the maine lobster with squash and zucchini  and the amish chicken (cooked 2 ways). I can't describe how delicious everything was and how the staff was incredibly attentive and helpful. We finished it all! Freshest, tastiest tomatoes I've ever had and who doesn't love lobster especially when there's an ample amount. Before I say this you need to know that I'm not a chicken fan (i know, insert gasp). I say this because its rarely extraordinary which makes me feel like whats the point in ordering it. I'd rather have something extra scrumptious. But the Amish chicken at Washington Market Tavern was juicy and cooked perfectly seared on one side making the skin extra crispy. I understand why it was highly recommended. We were too stuffed to get dessert sadly. Definitely plan to go back for the deconstructed s'more, I heard its similar to the presentation of The Font cocktail in terms of the smoke presentation.

Since this wasn't a planned restaurant review, I didn't have my DSLR camera. So please excuse the quality of my iPhone pics, lol. Everyone knows the camera in low-lighting isn't that great.
The Font (left): bourbon (I chose Larceny), sweet vermouth, oloroso sherry, maple syrup, Angostura bitters, clove smoke. - Larceny on the rocks on the right - 
 Heirloom tomato salad
 Maine Lobster with squash & zucchini 
Amish Chicken: corn & hominy succotash / corn nectar puree / house corn bread / roasted jus
A view of the upstairs decor
Some of their other specialties from their website

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