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Friday, January 16, 2015

My NYC Life: This Week's Obsessions...

Now that the week is coming to an end, its time for the new list of obsessions! Let's get it started with my new top 5 from fashion to food (my favorite), new tech product, something for the fur kids and an outing to enjoy. Ready!  

Fashion: Classic White + Black Ensembles
Classic White + Black with a Chic Twist

I've had Polyvore for the longest time, but never use it. So I decided to wipe off the figment dust and try it out for this exact purpose; making a collage that gives you direct links to see more and or purchase. How handy is that?!  Hope you like my white + black classic picks with a modern twist. 

Food: A Decadent Breakfast

MmmmmMmmmm Red Velvet Pancakes! Perfect for this long & cold weekend. I love breakfast, its my favorite meal. Normally I'm waffle girl, but this looks way too good to pass up, plus you can use the batter for either to suit your fancy. I tend to indulge during the weekend when I actually have ample time to make something extra delicious and not rush off to the office. See full recipe here on PureWow! I find so many things on there, it's hard to keep up.

Tech Savvy:  Perfectly Made Cocktails

Move over Sodastream, there's a new kid on the block and actually not a kid because it makes drinks! I don't have counter space for this in my small NYC kitchen, however I'd figure something out. This is great for entertaining or those days when non-alcoholic beverages just won't do! See more about this awesome find from Somabar on FabFitFun here.

For the Pets: Coat + Harness in One!

Its no secret that my little Chicken Pot Pie gets so spoiled, sometimes I think his life is winning against mine. Last Christmas one of the gifts from my mom was this fancy jacket with fleece interior and surprise...a built in harness! Bundling myself up for the winter temps is annoying enough without having to do so many layers on a dog as well. Mine or should I say Chicken's came from Krisers but you can also find them here.

Outings: Killer Heels at Brooklyn Museum

I went to see Killer Heels at Brooklyn Saturdays. Every first Saturday of each month the Brooklyn Museum is free with live music and all access to any exhibit. The Killer Heels showcase was pretty remarkable! There were so many shoes to look at in shock and horror, as well as some video installations. It's definitely a must see!


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