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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Events: It's Time to Brunch It Up with Pinnacle Vodka

This brunch with Pinnacle Vodka starts in the kitchen then works its way around the country (figuratively speaking)! As expected Pinnacle through another fantastic and fun event featuring their two new flavors that happen to be perfect for the brunch crowd: Habanero and Mimosa. Each area of the 24th Street Loft was a different themed section of America; starting at the Northwest and working our way around. Thankfully they had some appetizers to pair with each station to keep everyone from morphing into a hot mess. My favorite cocktail of the night turned out to be my first one from the North West (not to be confused with Kimye's daughter). The cocktail was the Double Spicy Mary by Niccole Trzaska (shown below, and recipe follows). After our trip around the country we were able to meet up with Nicole and create our own cocktail concoctions using all sorts of garnishes! It was an awesome night to toast to brunch and its new friends Habanero and Mimosa.

Cocktails in collage by Russ Rowland


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