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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My NYC Life: Summer Break Hiatus

As you may have noticed, I have been on a bit of a break from EK. There's been a lot going on in my life lately...from moving to a new apartment, traveling, working and even being under the weather a couple times. I struggle with the desire to share and the importance to keep things private and live in the moment. I am sure others go through the same feelings especially with the rise of social media causing so much pressure to share everything whether its necessary or at the very least interesting. Sometimes I feel that it makes it hard to truly enjoy what is happening when you’re always trying to capture it. Being a blogger, that is just what you do...well what you are supposed to do. 

I decided to give myself a self imposed summer break where I would take a step back and fully enjoy what was happening in my life and focus on me (and Chicken of course). After 5 years on the Upper East Side I have finally made the big move to a new place in a downtown neighborhood. I miss Central Park tremendously, but overall the change has been one for the better. Another big change is that I now have family (my brother) in the city; I moved here without knowing anyone, its been a nice change to have him here. Enough about NYC, let's talk about the wonderful chances I had getting out of the city this summer: going home to Chicago, the Hamptons (2x), Germany, Spain and back to Morocco. I'm trying to be better about saying yes and living for the experience, I'm such a planner and budgeter; basically I overthink everything and wait to make a move (must be the Libra in me).
(Above picture - Tangier, Morocco at Sol Achakar)
Over the Mediterranean
Dusseldorf, Germany airport
Me in Old Town (Dusseldorf, Germany)
Me in Asilah, Morocco
Asilah, Morocco
Sunset in Tangier, Morocco
July 4th Fireworks (NYC)
South Street Seaport
Relaxing pool side in the Hamptons
Sir Ivan's Castle 
The Frying Pan (NYC)

Its so important to not put off what you want in life by thinking you'll get to it later, when that may not be the case. These past months have been a time of self-reflection about what I want, what I'm happy with and what needs to change. Being in a society where you can easily fall into the trap of looking to closely at what everyone else is doing and losing yourself in the process or you constantly compare yourself to others when really all you need to do is focus on you. I made it my priority to focus on making new friendships or simply reconnecting with old ones and get back to having fun (roof toping, brunches, cocktails, museums, dancing and whatever else that suites my fancy).

Blooming trees in Central Park
 Lounging with the selfie king Chicken
 Southern style BK brunch with friends
Governor's Island Crawfish Festival
 Lobster roll from South Street Seaport Smorgasbord
 Al fresco brunch in the Hammies 
 Appetizer at La Marina (same dish Chef Kelvin Fernandez won this against Bobby Flay on Beat Bobby)
 Group Pics at La Marina (bday girl in the middle)
 The Metropolitan Museum - China Through the Looking Glass
SeaGlass Carousel in Battery Park
After Party at Hotel Chantelle
 Surprise family dinner at Beauty & Essex for my mom :)

I'm finally getting re-inspired to bring Exclusive Kat back to life and get back into why I started it. To answer that I started EK to be an escape from my reality, where I could write about all that interests and the cool places I get to go to from time to time helping to offset being in a corporate-esque type of job. Now that New York Fashion Week is back what better time to return. :)

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde


  1. Great blog, Exclusive Kat! You have been many places and have lots of interests. You and Chicken look great!

    1. Hahaha thanks! Chicken always looks great :-)


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