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Friday, February 12, 2016

Fashion Week: Being Apart of Yeezy Season 3

It was a crazy long hectic 3 days in preparation for the release of Yeezy Season 3 and Life of Pablo. No phones, no details and long hours in exchange for being apart of the experience and of course getting paid. It wasn't until the last day in the morning before the show did we learn exactly what we would be doing, wearing and how the show would go. I know first question you're wondering is...did you have any interaction with Yeezy himself? Well since there was a lot of us not everyone had the same experience, but on Wednesday he did come to the garden, played his new album and came over to us friendly, super hype and singing along to the album. On Thursday, before the show he came under the tent with us to practice along with Naomi Campbell. I was lucky to have a primetime spot where they had to pass me to get to the stage and I was positioned right across from the celeb section. Of course once we finally got our phones back everyone was trying to see pics of themselves. I didn't have any luck finding a complete pic of me (thank God) no makeup, hair, nails and dressed kind of like a hobo isn't a documented look I want to be known for. I did find my forehead (hahaha) if you look at the bottom picture from Getty that's me! Personally, I'm not a fan of his clothing collection, but I am a fan of him & his music. I will say that I do think this collection was better with his discovery of using color, especially on the mens side. It was definitely an interesting experience. Overall I had fun, met some cool people, got paid and had TMZ-esque view of celeb life. Wish I would have been able to watch to show though...c'est la vie.


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