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Friday, March 16, 2018

Fashion: MEI LI ~ The Classic Handbag That Fuses Function and Design

The name MEI LI is derived from the Mandarin word for “Beautiful”. The San Francisco-based MEI LI team of James, Akiko and Olivia sought to make a line of handbags and leather goods for women designed to be beautiful and elegant on the outside, smart and  functional on the inside, and effortlessly styled for day or night. 

Often, handbags look great on the outside, but on the inside, it’s like a black hole for belongings. At best, it’s muddled odd sized pockets that serve no real use. Standing at the intersection of fashion and function, MEI LI is the solution to this problem. Their genuine leather handbags - the crossbody, medium tote and large tote - are perfect for keeping your daily essentials in order, no matter where you go. Organization is built into every item in the MEI LI line providing seamless function inside every beautiful bag. 

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve lost your keys or your phone. Or fumbling to find your lipstick. With key straps, card holders, zippered pockets, and secure closures, all of our MEI LI bags put an end to frustrated fumbling. And they protect belongings from theft or loss in transit.

MEI LI totes cater to technology driven lifestyles with thoughtfully designed, custom sized inner compartments to protect tablets, eReaders, laptops and important paperwork. There’s even a designated water bottle compartment - no more worries about tipping and spilling. Whether for a night out or a night at the gym, the largest MEI LI tote offers enough space for a change of clothes making it the ultimate daily companion for a modern woman’s busy lifestyle.

Min Crossbody

Only from MEI LI. The Min Crossbody was inspired by the idea that a crossbody bag could hold and do more. Featuring an inner key ring an inner zippered pockets, this bag is structured to securely hold all of your essentials. The flap and lock easily opens up for quick access to the contents inside, while concealed magnetic buttons on the back fuse with the Mei Li magnetic wallet allowing your full-size wallet to become a part of your crossbody.

Lian Medium Tote
The Lian tote reimagines the daily handbag for the modern woman. The intentional compartments, key ring, and internal and external pockets make it the perfect busy life companion, while the premium Nappa leather and luxe design make it a style icon. Sized perfectly for work and business dinners, the Lian is our most versatile design.

Compartment/Holders for: up to a 12 inch slim laptop, an iPad/tablet/Kindle, Computer accessories, umbrella, water bottle, cables and earphones & cellphone.

Lily Large Tote

The Lily tote reimagines the work tote for the modern woman. With the same amazing features of Lian, the Lily tote expands on that innovative design by just adding more room. Designed with the woman who needs it all in mind, the Lily tote has space for not just your everyday essentials, but for items like gym shoes and binders. For a woman who has a lot to fit into her day, the Lily is spacious enough to carry everything she needs to get through it.

Compartments/Holders for: 15 inch thin laptop, 
an iPad/tablet/Kindle, Computer accessories, umbrella, water bottle, cables and earphones & cellphone.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign for more & a video of these stylish and functional bags here!

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