Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Press Preview: All Glam Everything ~ RÊVE PR F/W 2015 Collections

It seems as though the opening of One World Trade has set the motion of everything fashion moving downtown. From Condé Nast to New York Fashion Week and even yours truly (+ Chicken) are switching things up in new downtown locations. Right on trend, Rêve PR represents fantastic jewelry brands worn by some of the hottest celebs like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and Janelle Monae. For us not so famous people, accessories have the amazing ability to transform the look of an outfit that you wear all the time into something new. All the pieces at the Fall/Winter 2015 Preview were full of ultimate glam jewelry that every girl would enjoy! 

During this amazing visit at Rêve, I got a chance to check out four exquisite brands: Casa Reale, Lele Saudoughi, Laurel DeWitt and A PEACE TREATY. I perused each collection with one of my NYC besties as he tried to deny that he created the 90s and early 2000s Spotify playlist that was setting the tone of the afternoon and prompting me to dance.

Casa Reale ~

First stop on the glam express, Casa Reale! Truly beautiful earrings and rings, especially if you are looking for fun cuffs and pieces perfect for stacking. It was hard to capture all the subtle details that make this brand so great. If you take a look through my images you'll see how Casa Reale has pieces for everyday and for special occasions; personally I'm loving the gold rings below and the tear drop shaped purple, gold and cream earrings!

Next glam stop is Lele Sadoughi, her jewelry has graced the pages of Vogue, ELLE, Harper's BAZAAR, WSJ Magazine, The New York Times, and countless other esteemed print and online publications. Her designs have been worn by Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell, and Jennifer Hudson. More importantly I want a piece of her collection to call my own. The style of the pieces are extraordinary, conceptual and brilliant!

The Lele Sadoughi collection is an inspirational brand drawing reference from bold architecture, post-industrial machinery, and an expansive color palette experienced by a life of travel and love for modern art. Recognized for her feminine aesthetic with geometric and mechanical influences, Lisa “Lele” Sadoughi uses her signature array of marble, sandstone, hematite, and milky glass stones in unique complimentary hues often set in modern, functional, and brass-riveted settings.

Next glam brand is Laurel Dewitt, the collection is more than jewelry, accessories or clothes it was art! I was beyond impressed with the intricate details and sculpture of the designs. I've never seen anything like it and couldn't stop staring, allowing me to notice even more and more to love.

Laurel DeWitt’s hand-crocheted metal apparel continues to rail against our classical conceptions of ‘clothing’ with new silhouettes and pioneering techniques more complex than ever before. Clean lines showcase the diametric results of DeWitt’s complicated process, illustrating the designer’s unparalleled mastery over the vast behaviors of metal. The line has been worn by actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Milla Jovovich, reality star Khloe Kardashian, Grammy award winners Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga, Kelly Rowland, Lil Kim, Brandy, Will.i.am, Eve, Melanie Fiona, and superstar Nicki Minaj.

Last but not least, A PEACE TREATY, it was beautiful, simple and a bit tribal. Not to mention a great ending to this incredible preview. The collection is named MASAR, clean and modern in form: glamorous 24-karat high-polish gold-plating is set with Blue Tiger’s Eye, sometimes cut into spherical shapes. Although all of the handmade pieces glimmer irresistibly, the collection speaks more to the cultural decadence of the enchanting woman who wears them.

MASAR, evoking the ultimate winter landscape, includes capes, scarves, wraps and jewelry all evocative of the cozy and chic aesthetic of mid-century cabin culture. The capes and scarves’ saturated, primary tones reflect a modern sensibility, while buffalo check patterns and leather fringe details recall the warmth and familiarity of a favorite hand-me-down. 

See a video recap of each of these amazing brands and spot your favorite pieces!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fashion: The Dynamic Duo Collection by People StyleWatch + JustFab

Being a Style Hunter for People Style Watch has its perks and this time it was attending a special collaboration event with JustFab here in NYC at Toro. Mixing and mingling with other shoe lovers over cocktails and tasty bites to eat while getting a sneak peek at the exclusive collection! There were so many cute pairs of shoes scattered around the lounge, up the walls, in the bar decor and even a tree (not kidding)! The new styles are perfect for the spring and upcoming summer season to rock from day to night with flats to heels and clutch to cross body bags. If you're not familiar with JustFab, its an accessory membership where you select styles made by a personal stylist at low cost ($39.99) with free shipping and exchanges. Check out JustFab to see the full collection with PSW!

Want to see my favorites? These are my top picks for flats, heels and bag...

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fitness/Health: Sakara Life Morning + Night Waters

Like most I've been trying to up my fitness and health game. Not only because summer is quickly approaching, but because taking care of you should be everyone's #1 goal. For me that would be starting to regularly exercise 4 to 5 days a week and better eating habits. I actually like green smoothies, but who has the time to make them or maybe you're like me and not in the mood to start your day with that. Personally, I like to eat my breakfast when I get into work not at home while I'm getting ready. Why, because honestly I'd have to get up earlier to be able to and my sleep is precious! That's why I decide to give the Sakara Life's morning and night waters a try. They're basically the health benefits you need and want without the muss and fuss. Its water enriched with minerals that taste good, easy to do and you feel great. Surprisingly after one full day I felt the difference, especially the next morning after I drank the night water. The waters are a great way to start and end your day by treating your body and helping yourself to be the best you, not only in how you look but also how you feel. 

What, How, Why Details:
Designed to be enjoyed first thing in the morning, Sakara Beauty Water is an absolute morning treat for body + spirit. Our rose water combines the highest quality alkaline water with pure rose oil and beautifying trace minerals, including silica. Derived from rose hips, rose oil is soothing to the insides (both anti-inflammatory and soothing to the nervous and endocrine systems) and is a strong metabolism booster. Silica is a trace mineral that is known to make water wetter and provide deep cellular hydration for your body. It also helps your body form healthy connective tissue, so while it's hydrating your skin from the inside out, it's also plumping it for the ultimate Sakara GLOW. 

Sakara Night Water mixes high quality alkaline water with trace minerals and chlorella for the ultimate detoxing treat to end your day! Chlorella is a single-celled micro-algea with a molecular structure that helps increase the “good” bacteria in the intestine in order to improve digestion and immunity. It creates excess oxygen in your body so that cells can repair and rejuvenate rapidly and binds to toxins to kindly escort them out of your body, giving your insides a healthy clean sweep. 

A little glimpse of Chicken & I working on our fitness and the sweet thank you notes from Sakara & Azoine for trying out the waters.

See more details about the waters and everything else Sakara Life has to offer right here on their website!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Style & Beauty: Jamberry on the Catwalk at New York Fashion Week

It's been awhile since I did a beauty post about nails and after my Jamberry experience at the Bene Rialto, I wanted to give you guys more insight into this brand and what they're doing. I'm always the girl whose nail polish chips within the first couple days, no matter what I do. I know getting gel lasts so much longer but who wants to pay for that, have the time for UV lights and not being able to take if off easily if you want to. Getting the best nail designs has never been easier or so accessible, not to mention cheap ($15)! You no longer need to have a steady hand for polish or splurge on expensive manis with companies like Jamberry. Basically any color, design or finished look that you're going for you can find it; even holiday (check out the St. Patty's day pic)! Oh, I almost forgot Jamberry are to be used on fingers and toes for longer lasting manis and pedis! So it’s obvious that due to their quickness in application and to customize your look, you can find them on the catwalk used by top designers. 

Christian Siriano used a specific Pantone color from his collection to design a hunter green to black ombre nail wrap evocative of his Congo jungle-inspired looks.

The Nicholas K show featured 3 custom designs, including a burgundy and black crackle print taken directly from one of the patterns used in the collection. 

Celebs sporting Jamberry's Heart Health Awareness nail wraps at the Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection included Hoda Kotb, Kristin Cavallari, Irina Panteava, Carla Hall, Jennette McCurdy, Dascha Polanco, Valerie Jean Garduno, Catt Sadler, Bethany Mota, and the ladies of Fifth Harmony. These wraps are available to consumers and $2 of every sheet sold is donated directly to the American Heart Association. 

Holidays have never looked so good! Love to be festive? Checkout Jamberry's designs for conversation starters designs. From sparkly shamrocks to preppy argyle, Jamberry's St. Patrick's Day nail wraps will have even the most seasoned of beauty junkies seeing green. Jamberry nail wraps require no nail art skills and no dry time, and last up to 2 weeks when applied properly. Each sheet yields 2-3 manicures or pedicures depending on nail size, and retails for $15 at jamberrynails.com

Friday, March 6, 2015

Fashion Week: Stream Paris Autumn/Winter 2015 Collections

Fashion week is making its last stop in the city of lights, also known as Paris! Sigh, this is the one I would love to attend the most, but until that happens I'll be watching it right here with you guys. See all the highlights of all the fab shows courtesy of Rightster here on EK! Click play and enter the dream world of Paris....

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Press Preview: The Bene Collective Lounge at Bene Rialto during NYFW

If you are in the city or you are planning a visit, definitely make time to stop by Bene Rialto! I had the upmost pleasure of attending the Bene Collective Press Preview & Lounge during New York Fashion Week. I had such a great time, I hated to leave. I mean who can really get their fill of being pampered? I went up to the 3rd floor entering the spa like oasis.  Bene Rialto had different stations where you received a variety of treatments. I started mine at the Luluosophy who took me on a journey around the world with chocolate. I'm not a candy person, but I am a chocolate person and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. So tasty and so cute; it was a win, win.

From there I went to the Destiny Candle table. I sat down we exchanged pleasantries then she wanted to pour some of the liquid from the lit candle in my hand (yes, I said lit) promising it wouldn't burn. I was skeptical, but let it happen and you know what, I remained burn free. Turns out its not a candle per say, its made of oils that's perfect for moisturizing your skin or someone else's... Before I forget, the best part of this is that when you finish each candle there's an actual ring you can wear valued between $10 - $10,000! You can see some of them in the photo and yes there are gold ones too...

Next up, Key West Aloe and their luscious salt scrubs. I have a serious dry skin issue especially in the winter, so I'm always using a salt scrub in the shower once a week. What's fantastic about this brand is that the aloe helps protect it from being contaminated by bacteria. Being that the bathroom is a hot a damp place usually this was extremely beneficial for me to know and the sheer fact that the product was amazing! My hands were moisturized and felt so smooth; in case you were wondering I tried the coconut scent and it smelled delicious.

Now that my hands were properly moisturized it was a perfect time to stop by Jamberry nails. If you are not familiar with Jamberry they make nails stickers in basically any color, design or finish that you are craving to up your nail game. They last for about 2 weeks and they are so easy to apply. I chose a fun blue, green and gold diamond print to go with my already hunter green nail color.

My next stop is where I got something I desperately needed, my brows done by Wink! Believe it or not this was my first time getting my eyebrows threaded. I've always been more of a plucking & waxing girl. I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn't painful and they did a great job enhancing the shape without making them too thin. I definitely plan to go back. Eyebrows can change the entire look of your face, when you find somewhere you like you should stick with it.

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to do everything like the makeup and hair although they seemed to be doing their best glam transformations on everyone that took a seat to be pampered. One of the most amazing products that I found over in this area was Color Wow. It's a temporary hair color product that you simply brush on your roots to cover up grays, roots, or even touch up highlights. The coolest part is it doesn't come off when you touch it, it looks natural, doesn't bleed onto your scalp and doesn't come out until you wash your hair. Pretty impressive stuff!

I got the chance to see it in action and the photo on the bottom left shows the dramatic change from grey back to brown.


My last and finale stop before leaving was with Black Lace Skin Jewelry. Black Lace Skin Jewelry recently feature on E! News, Today Show and others, takes temporary tattoos to the next level in artistic expression and in the level of quality. They were quite exquisite and very intricate. They also have gold and silver options if that's what you're into.

Image Source: Fashionable Petite