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ANON Atelier is a New York-based design studio re-envisioning the traditions of Ready-to-Wear. The debut collection offers timeless, multifunctional essentials that communicate ease and confident luxury through innovative patterns, quality construction and detailing. Each piece is a classic redefined for the modern woman, from the stretch leather leggings that fit like your favorite yoga pants to the sexy silk dress you can wear day or night. Together, the collection serves as the foundation of a wardrobe that is at once directional and wearable. 

Alexa Chapman and Jess Stone make up the design team behind the new luxury label, and their process is simple: Find a gap in the industry and create unique solutions by reworking conventional patterns and testing industry standards on real women. Supporting high-end manufacturing within the United States, ANON has partnered with local fabric mills, artisans and factories to create garments they are proud of. Sourcing none other than the finest fabrics and finishes, each piece is produced by skilled craftsmen whose attention to detail passes from their hands to yours.

Designers: Alexa Chapman and Jess Stone (photo by BFA)

This was my first time attending a Taoray Wang show & it was beautiful! The winter weather was terrible during fashion week and made it hard to motivate yourself to get up, dress up and go...but I made it. Jackets are my absolute favorite item to shop for and the coats/jackets in this line were so stunning. The one in particular that I'm still obsessing over is the purple & black blazer (see 2nd collage image below).

More about the collection:
CROSSOVER, the newest collection from Taoray Wang, namesake brand of designer Wang Tao, meticulously blends contrasting shapes, luxurious fabrics and bold accessories for a modern take on suiting. In this journey, Wang Tao combines opposite elements; classic with avant-garde deconstruction, masculine with feminine, East and West. The merging of these elements gives birth to distinct, iconic silhouettes, which redefine the suit’s history starting with - and running parallel to - the Qing Dynasty, and evolving along the way. Models appeared dressed in delicate, feminine lace negligees under empowering and structured suits, which are symbols of power, business and prestige. Similarly, bold dresses appear in rich fabrics and striking colors.

Designer Wang Tao’s label TAORAY WANG is designed for the powerful, professional and modern woman who wants to be stylish, elegant and sexy. The brand serves a global and confident woman who is not afraid to show her femininity in edgy design while she plays her role as a politician, lawyer and other executive roles. Classic men's fabrics and lines are tamed into graceful silhouettes.
 Photo Credit: Getty Images

I loved this new season by Katty Xiomara, it felt more refined/sophisticated but still with her same fun and quirky flare. From the coats with animals to velvet pants and shiny metallics the collection had it all! The makeup was also adorable and there's always some sort of ease seeing the models in flats, at least personally I'm less nervous for them (lol).

More about the collection:
“El Toro enamorado de la Luna”

The night and the day, the Moon and the Sun, the bull and the moon… impossible but Unbreakable love. The magic of complicity of these characters are so close and yet so far away, is the literary path of many stories. This story broke into our inspiration through old memories from a Gypsy Spanish

song verse:
The Moon is combing her hair
in the mirrors of the river
and a Bull is looking at her
between the grove hidden...
…And that bull in love with the moon
The moon comes out tonight
With a black tailcoat
and the bull is looking at her
between the grove and the shadow

The collection gathers inspiration throughout this mysterious universe of the forest and its creatures, in all the drama of the night and the endless hope of day. By taking these logics to our garment everything seems to appear so magically, with a certain wild poetry. The colors parade in increasing brightness; the Black Night is a strong base for the Moonlight Shines drawn by the shades of Pearly White and Silver Star. The cold tone of the Blue Night touched by light and shadow, contrasting with the warm tones of woods and leaves. The fabrics are rich and texture, some are light and fluid others are structured and compact. Outlined by jacquard and prints, sweetly articulated with lace and embroidery. The forms are clean and purified, but with an undulating and natural volume.

Photo Credit: Dan Lecca Photography

Miguel Vieira is quickly becoming one of my favorites to see each season. His SS17 collection in September was my first time attending his show. I adore the silhouettes and how flattering the designs are. Using a simple black and white tones for both the men's & women's wear made every piece so chic!

More about the collection:
“Reflex Reflections”
Are the clothes you wear a reflection of yourself or a reflection of how you want someone else to see you? It’s an interesting thought and an important step towards establishing your self identity. The Miguel Vieira Fall 2017 Men and Women collections offer options to help convey your mood, your thoughts and most importantly your inner self.

Photo Credit: Dan Lecca Photography

Yet another stunning collection by Georgine! The rich hues, luxe fabrics and plush coats were everything this season. Fall/winter showcases a sense of sophistication with an edge from head to toe. She's definitely a designer I never miss and is always a favorite of mine...season after season.

 More about the collection:
The inspiration for the GEORGINE Fall/Winter 2017 collection comes from permanent hotel dwellers, those glamorous creatures that have called the world’s most interesting properties home. Ranging from Coco Chanel’s suite at The Ritz and Oscar Wilde’s chambers at Hotel d’Alsace, to Howard Hughes bungalow at The Beverly Hills Hotel, and Edie Sedgwick’s room at The Chelsea Hotel, the transient energy of a chic enclave fueled their creativity and made everyday feel like a permanent vacation.

The day after NYC was hit with a snow storm Michael Costello presented his Fall Winter 2017/2018 collection at Skylight Clarkson Square. He truly is a designer that brings out the confidence, curves and the eye catching room entrance/exit flare to women's fashion. This collection was all white, silver, dark metal and black with accents of lace, sheer moments and sparkle. You'll need to accessorize with a warm coat, but once it comes off you'll be the star of the room....

More about the collection:
The Michael Costello woman this season is the enviable vixen, which could be described as the coolest chick on the planet. She is a rock and roller who takes center stage with her magnetic charisma and extravagant nature. She knows who to attract almost any eye and how to turn a cold shoulder to those who don’t understand her fire. We are telling her love story this season because when a woman with this much magic falls in love, it is a story that everyone wants to watch.

Photo Credit: Will Raggozino Photography

La Barrita was sensational, not in just the food (both taste and quality) but in it's presence itself. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it was the sense of home. I'm not Argentinean or grew up on that style of cuisine but you could feel the positive energy and love from the owner, the chef and the staff that gives you the feeling of comfort and ease that consumes you when you go home. The passion of the cuisine and the love of honoring the ingredients used was present in every dish served. Although it's a steakhouse they did have numerous dishes for the vegetarians too. In fact one of my favorites from the night was the Polenta Del Bosque served in a rich mushroom cream sauce...I've never been too crazy about polenta and this one change my mind about it entirely. My favorite meat dish was the Costilla Entera (grass fed rib steak): it was oh so tender, juicy, perfectly cooked and just to take it up a notch they carved it table side to causing you to drool. Take a look at my pictures from what I refer to as my second Thanksgiving and see some of the many delicious meals you could be eating too! La Barrita is in the picturesque area of Brooklyn Heights grab a bite and take a stroll around...you won't be sorry! Oh and fear not wine lovers, they also carry precious Malbecs from Argentina and they will excellently pair with your meal of choice.

See more from La Barrita on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp.

Polenta Del Bosque (Homemade With Wild Mushrooms Sauce)
 Lengua A La Vinagreta (Tongue Vinaigrette)

 Quinoa Gusto (Organic Quinoa, Plum Tomatoes, Fresh Avocado And Balsamic Reduction)
 Kale Caesar (Baby Kale, Crutons And Ceasar Dressing)

 Pulpo (Wild Cut Grilled Octopus, Natural Potatoes, Cherry Tomatoes & Red Peppers)
Morcilla (Argentinian Blood Sausage) & Chorizo (Argentinian Sausage)
Matambre (Grass-Fed 10 Oz Veal Breast Pre Seasoned)
Empanadas Trio (Carne Cortada A Cuchillo: Grass -Fed Prime Steak) (Pollo: Cage Free Chicken) (Espinaca: Spinach, Fresh Ricota Cheese, Corn And Mushrooms)
 Costilla Entera (Grass -Fed 16 Oz Rib Steak)

After being carved table side & dressing with a flavorful sauce!

More About La Barrita
La Barrita’s menu showcases fresh ingredients, prime cuts, house-made sausages and sauces,
salads and seafood. La Barrita’s head chef, Marcelo Lazzarin, hails from Argentina, which was key for Cardona as he wanted a cook who was raised eating the same traditional food as he did. For more than 20 years, Lazzarin has worked for distinguished establishments coast to coast. 

Wine at La Barrita is carefully curated by Cardona, who personally offers his sommelier-like
pairings per entrée for each patron. The restaurant features a rare collection of Argentinean
Malbecs from some of the best small producers.

Open seven days a week, La Barrita is located in the heart of Brooklyn Heights at 132 Montague
Street. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Mon-Thurs from 12 pm to 11
pm, Fri & Sat from 12 pm to 12 am & Sun from 12 pm to 11 pm. Happy Hour is
all day, every day at the bar only: $5 beer, $8 well drinks, $9 wine and $10 sangria. 

About Sebastian Cardona
Sebastian Cardona is the manager and creator of La Barrita steakhouse restaurant and wine bar.
came to New York City in 2010 by way of Miami where he lived for 13 years supporting the
openings of and managing restaurants like Osteria Romana in Miami Beach and Toscana Divino,
one of the best Italian restaurants in Brickell. Born to an Italian father from Milan and
Argentinean mother in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Cardona grew up fishing, hunting and cooking
with his grandmother. If it were not for her, he would not be the accomplished home cook that he is today. Before managing La Barrita, Sebastian worked at Masseria Dei Vini in Manhattan.
There’s often this misconception that you have to wear a lot of cream, black and white, and subtle tones in order to maintain a classy wardrobe. While there is nothing wrong with solid neutrals, as Vanessa Rodriguez of Stylishly Me reaffirms that those are the colors to go for whenever in doubt, but bold hues and prints can definitely be worked into an elegant closet. One way to incorporate vibrant accents into your outfits is by introducing a pop of color into them. This allows you to still appear sophisticated in your monochromatic or neutral ensembles, but the colorful detail inserts flair and character into your overall look.

Wondering how you can pull off this color pop? Try the following ideas:

Select One Garment To Be Your Colorful Piece

Whether it’s your coat or your bottoms that are in a vibrant print or a neon hue, keep the rest of your separates in neutral shades or toned down versions of the main colour to create balance in your ensemble. Perhaps one of the easier garments to incorporate that brightness is a blouse, tee, or any other top of your choice. As the editors of Lyst have noted in their collection of tops there are a myriad of silhouettes to choose from that will spice up your capsule wardrobe.

Go For Colorful Accessories
Colorful Accessories

If your wardrobe is mainly composed of neutrals and solids, you can always turn to your accessories co-ordinate that intensity into your ensemble. Jewelry, shoes, hair pieces and bags are the simplest way to insert that pop, which is why accessory brands are unafraid to push color boundaries. Wearing a beige shift dress today? Try it on with bright orange peep toe heels. Thinking of keeping it classic with a white button-up and black cropped trousers? Keep your hair down and wear a beautiful red headband. An additional tip would be to try to match your vibrant accessories with each other for unexpected flashes of color.

Wear A Bold Lip Or Bright NailsBold Nails & Lips
It’s not just the accessories that qualify as the finishing touches of a look. Makeup, hair and nails can carry just as much weight as a piece of jewelry, so if you want a color accent but don’t feel like wearing a yellow hat or pink pumps, Glam Radar suggests you add some pizzazz to your appearance with a bold red lip or neon nails. Even burgundy lipstick will look absolutely stunning in an all-black outfit, as non-highlighter shades will instantly look brighter against neutral tones.

Collaborative Post

The Laquan Smith SS17 collection was full of white, grey, metallic, blue and red ensembles with a combination of sporty chicness. I was especially drawn towards the white and copper/gold pieces. These seemed to standout as the more clean lined classic silhouettes. The designs ranged from edgy/sporty to girly/feminine making it easy for women to find a style that catches her eye. What are your favorites?! 

More about the Collection:
For his Spring / Summer 2017 collection, designer LaQuan Smith drew inspiration from elements of nature – electrical storms, strong gusts of wind and the powerful bolts of lightning that precede wicked storms. He connected with the power of dark storms, brewing to unveil a collection electrifying to the natural eye. 

This season, Smith's signature bodycon and two-piece sets are inspired by the patterns found in a stormy night sky. Lightning strikes before thunder roars, resulting in earthshattering hues. Bright tones of lighting bolts are blended into the darkness. Distressed imagery, electrifying a deep dusk sky, and pair with illuminating tones like ice purple and powder blue to yield this season's contemplative mood. 

Fitted fabrications, including a crew neck bodycon dress, are accompanied by lengthy ornate dresses affixed with lace. Smith also introduces shirting and soft knits for the first time to ease the enchanting nature of his resilient storm, the collection. The collection's silhouettes strike a bold balance between the calm beforehand and the mayhem following the electric storm.

Katy Xiomara was another 1st for me this season. The collection had a seaside schoolgirl vibe, filled with bright pastel colors and flirty prints. The makeup and hair added to the beachy esthetic of the line. Each ensemble had a cheerful air about it perfect for spring and summer. Makes me nostalgic for this summers quickly approaching end. See below for some of my top looks and of course see the full collection in the video to have your own front row experience!

The new SS17 collection is inspired by the great maritime power that Portugal was in the 15th century. Colors reflect the depths of the sea, Lace reinterprets fishing nets, and maritime motifs are reimagined in embroidery and laser cut outs. From this combination of ideas emerge a spontaneous bond between sophistication and simplicity with a sweet touch of urbanity, where nostalgia is approached with a fresh sense of modernity.

Katty Xiomara was born in Venezuela within a Portuguese family and moved to Porto at the age of 18. Graduating from the prestigious Citex (now Modatex), she launched her brand in 1998 and after many awards, flagship stores, and accolades, has become a fixture in the Portuguese fashion industry.

Katty Xiomara first took part in Portugal Fashion in 1996 when she was still a fashion student. Shortly afterwards, she became a regular presence at national events. She has also taken part in some Portugal Fashion Paris events. In 2005, she began her participation in international trade shows such as Bread & Butter, Berlin and Barcelona, and the Project, Las Vegas, and others.

Out of Africa

This was my first time seeing Miguel Vieira's work and it was truly glamorous yet approachable for both men and women. Neutrals have never looked so good! The metallic and gold tone accents only upped the ante. The patterns on the ensembles were fun, playful and easy way to take you look to the next level. Loved it and can't wait to see what February brings! 

More about the Collection:
"Out of Africa” was the inspiration and could be the perfect scenery for this collection. Tribal patterns with gold tones, reminiscent of the sunset, and natural patterns, almost like animal camouflages, immediately remind us of the majestic beauty of the African continent. Part safari, part tribal, and part minimal, it is impossible to escape the sensory experiences that Africa transmits us, transported to a metropolitan setting. 

About the designer: 
Miguel Vieira is a successful designer who started in 1986 and has been producing his own collections since 1988. He Participates regularly in Italian, Spanish and French fairs and his proposals, seasonally presented at Portugal Fashion and Moda Lisbon  have already been paraded on catwalks as diverse as São Paulo, Istanbul, Paris, Barcelona, Uruguay, Lodz, Madrid and Milan.

The  Miguel Vieira brand is registered in numerous categories, all over the world: menswear, women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, leather goods, furniture, glasses, children’s wear, underwear, among others. 

Due to his success at home and abroad, Miguel Vieira has been awarded the Commendation of the Order of Prince Henry the Navigator (2006) and has received the Prince Henry the Navigator Award in the innovation category (2009). He also won the Golden Globe for Best Fashion Designer in 2007 and 2012.
 Runway Images: Dan Lecca Photography

GEORGINE is always a favorite of mine and I'm lucky enough to be able to have a close up view each season as the collection debuts. The upcoming SS17 line is full of sass, rock and roll and effortless chicness in the every ensemble. I loved seeing the designs that had Halloween-esque elements. Personally, every year I wish I had something to wear that was chic and not costumey to wear during the day in October. Also loving the bold greens, yellows and reds the collection featured. Each look inspires confidence and a fierce catwalk strut!  

More about the Collection:
For Spring/Summer 2017, Georgine Ratelband, designer of GEORGINE, was inspired by the type of girl who shops at Bergdorf Goodman AND Trash & Vaudeville. “I think it is a more interesting concept of dressing, one where luxury goods coexist with Rock t-shirts, intricate Couture beading meets motorcycle jackets and lightweight furs are punctuated by combat boots,” remarked Ratelband.

Keeping that in mind, Ratelband also drew inspiration from the way that young women always pilfer the closets of their mothers, and how they would wear more classic pieces, but with their own twist put on it. Specifically, Frances Bean Cobain and Zoe Kravitz, who have mothers with the most incredible closets, came to mind for Ratelband when designing this collection.

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