Friday, April 11, 2014

Events: Grand Opening of Express Times Square with Robin Thicke

Express' brand new mega store in Times Square kicked off with a grand opening featuring Robin Thicke! It was an amazing night filled with champs (champagne), small bites and of course fashion. I met up with a few friends (as you can see above) and toured the new store searching for hot pieces to purchase while we waited for the anticipated performance. When that time came Robin came down the escalator to the jam packed main floor, I managed to get a pretty close spot to the stage unfortunately a woman using her iPad to record was directly in front of me (sigh), but I did my best so get some  video snippets for you guys!

video video

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Press Preview: S.I.L.K. Fall 2014 Collection

Get a glimpse into the upcoming S.I.L.K. Fall 2014 Collection! As usual the brand has made yet another flattering and stylish collection for women this time using leather accents, metallics, lace and fun patterns. The looks are effortlessly chic! As you know I am in love with jackets so of course I adore the below dressy options that are perfect for work and play. See more of what's to come here at there website or for spring/summer looks see my previous post here

If you're not ready to think about Fall; S.I.L.K. has some fab print dresses perfect for now (just an FYI) 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Events: Spring is in the Air with B Floral!

Nothing makes you forget about the drab winter season like fresh flowers! Although the weather isn't fully cooperating, it is indeed finally spring. To get in the spirit, I had a wonderful opportunity to check out the B Floral showroom for some champagne, light bites and floral arranging. Aside from the beautiful flowers that smelled amazing, the event was very informative helping us learn little tricks to make our bouquets last longer. Like the leaves on the stems of roses are toxic to the bloom if they touch the water and cutting the stems at an angle and every time you change the water is key. The event was a blast, met some nice people while sipping bubbles while learning personal tips to spruce up my home. I also got a lot of great tips to pass on to my friend who's getting married this fall! Being a bridesmaid means everyone is on duty in helping the bride find everything she dreams for her big day and B Floral could be a perfect match!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Style & Beauty: The Beauty & the Braid at Pierre Michel

Who doesn't love a day of being pampered?! On a wet, rainy and semi humid air day in the city I stopped over at the Pierre Michel Salon for the Beauty & the Braid event. I'm at the mercy of the weather forecast for hair styles so when summer finally comes and the NYC air thick is full and of humidity having a braided hair style keeps my hair looking like I put some effort into it and allows me to be event ready at a moments notice! If you haven't been to the Pierre Michel Salon, its a beautiful salon with an accommodating staff there to make you feel at ease. This was my second appointment at the salon, my first trip I got deep moisturizing hair mask (by moroccan oil, a color rinse (demi-permenat hair color) and a glossing treatment. I'm not a fan of the maintenance needed for permanent hair color so this was perfect for me and looked amazing (I really should do it again)! 

Back to the braids, below are some pics of my hair and some of the other girls who had different gorgeous styles all done by Jerome Lordet! As a special treat I also got my make up done by Stacey Menzer (Stay Glam Beauty). She did a wonderful job and really took my concerns and questions seriously. I rarely wear foundation because my pores get blocked really easily, so she used a nice water based primer that would protect my skin and put on a very light coverage for a natural foundation look. For the dramatic eye she used some of my top color choices and a rich nude tone for my lips. I got so many compliments that I decided to make plans with a friend to make the most of the evening!

FYI ladies for $75, get a wash, blow dry and braid style at Pierre Michel!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sorry for the Wait: Exclusive Kat is Back!

Hey guys, sorry for the extended break between posts, I needed time to refocus. There's been a lot of changes in my life recently that has left me struggling to get back to place of normalcy. From an unexpected job change, to an end of a relationship and a loss of a best friend; I felt like my world was collapsing. I've been trying to ignore the issues and while doing that, I felt as if I was trapped and unmotivated to do anything about it. So to get myself out of this hole, I decided to refocus on myself by doing what makes me happy. Once fashion week ended, I only did what I wanted, while being more selective about events and including more time relax and focus on my health. The collage above are just some examples of little things I've been doing to help get more active in repairing myself. 

My mom has me hooked on this green smoothie, I try to make it each day. It's really easy to make and you can use any greens, us water or milk add berries whatever you like (this is what I use: 1 banana, half an apple, 1 cup of spinach, 1 cup of ice & a half cup of water). I feel better throughout the day when I drink it. The weather hasn't fully decided to let spring prevail but on few the days that have been nice Chicken & I take long walks into Central Park or around my neighborhood; it's amazing what a little vitamin D will do. Fresh flowers make me smile, this is probably one of the best bouquets I've ever bought, the blooms were perfection! I'm obsessed with skin care, I try to pick one day a week that I put a some extra effort into my upkeep. I deep condition my hair, put on a face mask, cover my hair with a heated cap (to intensify the conditioning process) and paint my nails or catch up on my Bon Appetit or People Style Watch magazines. Not the sexiest of looks but it does wonders.  

Anyways, I'm back and ready to begin sharing about fashion, beauty, food, & events that I enjoy and think you will too!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Fashion: Red Carpet Recap for the 2014 Oscars

All images are from E online or Huffington Post

Last night's Oscars were as glamorous as ever, all the stars came out in their finest as they strutted down the red carpet. I wanted to do a quick recap for the styles that I that caught my eye, I also included a brief highlight video if you weren't able to catch any of the red carpet coverage. Metallics, nudes, pastels, jewel tones and of course black were extra popular choices last night. Which were you're favorites?! 

 Sandra Bullock, Alexander McQueen; Lupita Nyong'o, Prada; Amy Adams, Gucci
Cate Blanchett, Armani Privé; Kate Hudson, Versace; Kelly Osbourne (not sure who she's wearing, but I like it)
 Kevin Spacey, Burberry; Jared Leto, Saint Laurent; Leonardo DiCaprio, Giorgio Armani
Matthew McConaughey (Dolce & Gabanna) & Camila Alves (Gabriela Cadena)
Brad Pitt (Tom Ford) & Angelina Jolie (Elie Saab)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Food Review: Authentic Italian at AppetitO RistorantE

An evening at AppetitO RistorantE with one of my NY besties was just what the doctor ordered. After the madness of New York Fashion Week, its great to relax and catch up over an appetizing meal and tasty cocktails. This Italian gem is located in mid-town only one block south of Bryant Park. As soon as you enter you can feel the warmth of the atmosphere with the dark wood, exposed brick and beautiful portraits. 

We decided to start the night with cocktails, which is always the start of a good night! As we sipped on these delicious martinis (mine was the espresso, I needed caffeine asap) we began to peruse the menu trying to narrow down what starters should we order. The winners were the Crostini de Mozzarella (fried mozzarella in tomato sauce, tasted like heaven) & grilled calamari (it was one of the specials, not sure of the Italian name; but equally delicious). After the two we decided to take a break (with wine) before entree time. Up next we decided to share a small plate of the fontina tortellini (other one of the night's specials) along with the Petto di Pollo Appetito (bestie) and my dish Risotto ai Frutti di Mare! One of my favorite dishes is risotto and I love seafood, absolutely the perfect choice for me. My friend thoroughly enjoyed the chicken dish, it was juicy and flavorful. The night can't end without a dessert or at least a cappacino, I'm all about dessert, so I shared the tiramisu and he got a cappacino. The ultimate ending to an exquisite meal.

Cucumber Tonic & Espresso Martinis 
Special: grilled calamari with a balsamic glaze 
Crostini di Mozzarella: breaded mozzarella with light tomato sauce
Tasty Malbec to pair with our dinner
Risotto ai Frutti di Mare: rice with seafood
Special: fontina tortellini with porcini mushrooms and parmesan reggiano
 Petto di Pollo Appetito: breast of chicken, mushrooms, brandy and cream sauce

Friday, February 14, 2014

Fashion Week: Skingraft MBFW Fall 2014 Collection

I'm new to the Skingraft brand, but after this show I'm hooked. It was truly amazing from start to finish and the music was on point. I wish they didn't replace the music in the video feed, everyone was bobbing their heads or dancing in their seats; the mix was that good! The collection was for both men & women, I had trouble narrowing it down to just a few looks so here are many looks from both that I'm obsessed with. I hope you guys love it as much as I do because it was fab-u-lous it can go from street wear to red carpet in an instant!

Skingraft designer Jonny Cota

Fashion Week: Cynthia Rowley MBFW Fall 2014 Presentation

Before the crazy snow storm I stopped by the Paramount Hotel to experience Cynthia Rowley's Fall 2014 Presentation at the Diamond Horseshoe. First off the location was amazing, the bar looked like a science lab (beakers include) and the venue itself was gorgeous! The lights changed between blue and red, when it changed so did the music and acrobatic dancers performed elaborate routines on contraptions in the sky. 

A moonbow motif runs throughout the collection. It seemed so optimistic, happy and romantic at the same time. I describe the collection as sporty glamorous with bonded piques, embellished rainbows, stain leaf appliqués and bonded cashmere cardigans that are mixed with polished leather culottes and layered sweaters that are like puzzle pieces that fit together.“ - Cynthia Rowley 

The collection was full of color accents, luxe coats and fur decadence take a look at some of my top ensembles from the night and a couple shots of the Diamond Horseshoe.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fashion Week: Emerson MBFW Fall 2014 Collection

Designer Jackie Fraser-Swan’s Emerson collection portrays the perfect combination of rock meets romance that is her brand’s signature, this season adding in a hint of contrasting darkness mixed with soft blush pastels. As Jackie explains, “For Fall/Winter 2014, I was inspired by strong women who are breaking the mold; shattering the idea that women are supposed to dress or act a certain way. I’m not into the whole “princess” ideal at all; I want young women to just be themselves without worrying about what others think. She definitely succeeded in doing so. The collection was full of amazing dresses that weren't typical; very unique. The below images are my top picks for rocker fancy chicness that the Emerson brand exudes!

Designer Jackie Fraser-Swan by Randy Brooke
Front Row: Stephanie Scott, Leigh Lezark, Jacquie Lee & Diane Guerrero by Randy Brooke