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Thursday, October 6, 2011

WetPaint Joyeux Anniversaire!!

Hmmm, how to describe the WetPaint 1st year anniversary party...disturbingly colorful, but in a good way. It was something on the line of if Barbie had a night club, this would be it! E s p a c e captured the energy of the night perfectly. The lights for the walls and ceiling kept changing color schemes throughout the night, random (sexy) people covered in body paint were scattered to advertise the WetPaint name, hors d'oeurvres passed on elegant trays, while martini's and champagne sparkled in their fancy glasses. I even got my photo taken for Patrick McMullan...this was definitely a night to remember; plus I was starving so thank goodness for food, lol. DJ Cazwell played everything accompanied by two male go go dancers, needless to say I was on the center of the dance floor all night...burning off all the mini desserts I ate. I barely beat the sun home, stayed out way too late on a week night and woke up the next day in disbelief that it wasn't Friday. If I could do it over I wouldn't change it...maybe just call in sick. :)


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