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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Travel Squire Presents: Fall in Love with Quebec

Quebec invite4

Fall in Love with Quebec at the futuristic Yotel here near Times Square. I've never been anywhere that made me feel closer to being in a Jetson's cartoon. The hotel was stunning and covered in my favorite color (purple). As I headed to the event space I couldn't stop admiring the many panoramic views around the city, along with everything being perfectly placed, like it was a set. I've traveled many places, but I still haven't been to Canada. Its too close for me not to go, I have absolutely no excuse. So from this event I was looking for the push I needed. Although the video images of various activities and landscapes were lovely; I still didn't quite feel the push I was looking for. May be if I gte more information from Travel Squire about deals, worth, etc. Still had a blast running into friends, eating delicious food, and drinking a nice red wine...I really couldn't as for more...

No need for help with your luggage this does it all!
Me playing in the beads


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