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Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Fall and It Feels Glorious!

Bow Bridge over The Lake, Central Park, NYC
{Photo: by Ace Mace on Flickr}

Beautiful fall day in Central Park, with my roomie Elissa and my pup Chicken! As I've said before, fall is my favorite season; finally it's time for jackets, nice crisp air and not being a sweaty mess. Side note: for those that aren't familiar with the NYC smells, this is when the city isn't so fragrant (meaning it smells cleaner) lol.  Before venturing out to the park, we began our day with the average New Yorker tradition...brunch! After our goat cheese & tomato omelets with complimentary drinks, we headed off to the park. Living on the upper-east side, I feel like the west side of the park is usually left as unexplored territory for me. Mostly due to a small dog+short legs issue...he's gets tired. Today we seized the upper-west (with a few breaks) passing the reservoir and the endless tennis courts to reach our goal. I forget how picturesque it is over there, with the bike trails winding through the trees & bridges (like above photo). Every time I go I like to think I'm on the exact bridge featured in the movie Enchanted when the Prince is trying to find Giselle. Might not be the most common thought for people, but for a girl from the Midwest like myself...everywhere I go here I envision myself on a set (soundtrack included)!


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