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Friday, October 28, 2011

Belvedere Red presents the Carsten Höller Experience

Two story slide, mirrored swing carousel, salt water pool, tantalizing cocktails and amazing skyline views! Last night I was extended an invite to the New Museum on Bowery for the Carsten Höller Experience. As I made my way through the crowd striving to get an elevator reach the top floor and begin executing my strategic plan of attack. Being that it was my first time actually being in the museum, I was trying to capture every moment via camera or seeing glimpses through the chicest hipsters I've ever seen. The night started on the 4th floor where we promptly rode on the carousel while taking more pics with event buddy Jonathan. Then waited in line for the two story slide. The wait was long but worth it...honestly how often does an opportunity like this come up... Finally it was my turn and it did not disappoint. It was fast with twists/turns and at the base you come out into what looks like another world. The walls were white but one was full of  flashing lights covering every inch like a music video set. After taking all that in, there were neon colored sculptures of sea creatures; I like the walrus. There were so many exhibits, I can't describe them all and you really should see them for yourself. It's a maze of fun and chaos! After seeing some of the displays it was drink time! Belvedere Red sponsored with flirty cocktails, like my drink, "The Love Drug". I love the idea of a getting drinks and feeling good about it, lol. 50% of the proceeds go to the Global Fund which helps fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. Personally, I always buy the apple (red) products because of that, which makes people assume all the time that my favorite color is red. The ending of the night was beautiful, the views on the roof were so picturesque. The night sky was clear, the air was crisp and the buildings were lit up. Its moments like this that I remember how amazing and lucky I am to live in this city.

Carsten Höller

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