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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Press Preview: Bar III's 2012 Spring Collection for Macy's

An ordinary Tuesday...feeling overworked and stressed. I left work with a crave for a release. I made my way down to the Chelsea Art Museum for relief. Met up some friends at the showcase for the Bar III Spring 2012 Collection. I was very impressed all around. They had it all...clothing (men and women), bedding, and accessories. I kept getting distracted by all the beautiful rings and necklaces that I was planning to buy at a future date. Not to mention the space was gorgeous, very high ceiling and open. I've always wanted a loft and I love interior design...pretty much this party took care of all my senses. While glancing at the models, we perused through the merch, sipped prosecco and I tasted every appetizer that came my way. Of course burning it off to all the music be played by the d jay. My time well spent and this brand is definitely something to check out. Very affordable for the normal financially challenged people (aka me) while still being unique and different. I hate shopping places where everyone is going to have the same thing and no matter how you wear it you look like a copy. They had many great pieces meant for layering; perfect for winter and perfect for individuality. Pair that up with some funky statement piece jewelry, you've got a great look. The home section had the right stuff for keeping your overpriced NYC apartment from looking "dorm chic". Can't ask for anything more…


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