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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The 85th Anniversary Macy's Day Parade

This was my 1st year actually going to the Macy's Day Parade. Last year I over slept, lol. This time I got up a little after 6am with my roommate and journeyed across the park to meet up with a couple friends by Lincoln Center. Made a quick stop for hot chocolate and bagels then we were off to the parade! Surprisingly we found a good spot a few blocks north of Columbus Circle right on Central Park West. The floats and balloons were amazing. I think this is the first parade and possibly the only one where no matter where you're standing you can actually see everything. I didn't stay for the whole parade, just an hour and a half ...when my toes started to go numb. But I was able to see plenty, even few celebrities, like Ceelo Green, Neil Diamond & Mary J Blige. My favorite was the Sesame Street float, unfortunately no Cookie Monster (my favorite) but still fantastic. It was a beautiful day, nice and clear, not too cold and sunny. So far so good, this has been a great Thanksgiving. I'm not going home this year, I'll be bouncing around a few friend's houses. I've gotten the most holiday dinner invites this year than ever. Even Chicken (my dog) was invited 4 places, lol. Two in the city and one in Vermont plus one Pennsylvania. After only being here for almost two years, not knowing anyone, I've managed to meet so many wonderful people that I'm thankful for. Happy Holidays Everyone :) Hope you enjoy the pics.

Ceelo Green

Neil Diamond

Mary J Blidge


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