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Monday, December 5, 2011

THEIA ~Artist of the Light~

Clearly, Artist of Light is a direct reference to the sparkle reflected by the intricate beading and crystals on these beautiful dresses. This was an event that I needed a professional camera for, lol. C'est la vie, I did my best :) Just remember the details and the look overall was 10x better in person. The champagne was flowing and the small bites to eat were scrumptious. As usual I can be found by the food....it is my passion! Finally the show began, dress after dress came gracefully past the crowd. I craned my phone overhead to get the few photos you see. I actually chatted with a couple of the models. The one in the below picture said for the first time she wanted to purchase a dress for herself...not to mention for the quality of the dresses the cost was unbelievable (meaning affordable). Like most people in this economy there's only room for the needs not the wants in life, but its important to treat yourself ever now and then. When you look great, you feel great; changes your attitude and perception. Nothing wrong with that!  Hope you enjoy my pictures. You can also find more here at http://www.higginsphotonyc.com/Other/Irish-Art/20331020_TSqbt2#1608148265_ftP9w2b has photos of Don O'neil, Angela Basset, Melyssa Ford and many more who attended this stunning event.


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