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Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Life in NYC: SantaCon 2011 The Jolliest Day of the Year

This was my first year attending SantaCon and it was everything I thought it would be and more. The morning started with feeling like a freak at 9am trying to get over to the Marina in costume for the meeting pointing. Picked up my friend and haled a cab downtown. As we got closer to the piers it was an explosion of everything Christmas! So fun seeing everyone in costume (not on Halloween), in the day time, out door drinking, music playing, and site seeing all over Manhattan. It felt like being in a humongous frat but cooler...mostly because we donated can goods. Wish I had a picture of the mountain of donations brought by all the Santas.  We traveled all over, starting at the piers for the marina, south sea port, city hall, grand central and the ny public library. I only made it till 5pm but many stayed out in costume until night. I'm already trying to think about next year and what I want to be. Definitely something more creative and individual...

My friend as the Leg Lamp from the movie A Christmas Story
Spiking the coffee with rum

A sea of Santas at SeaPort
Group Shot!

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