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Monday, February 6, 2012

My Life in NYC: Year of the Dragon

It's 2012 and it's off to a great start…at least in my opinion. Now that I've hit the 2yr mark being a NYC resident, I'm making a conscience effort to do everything I missed out on. First attraction to mark off the list, Chinese New Year. I missed the parade last year due to a mixture of things. Not aware of the exact date, bad weather and wasn't 100% sure where to go to watch it. This time around I did my own research and the weather was on my side. Day started off going to our favorite dumpling place in Chinatown. So good and cheap…it's really ridiculous. The vegetable soup (1st pic) is only $5 and for the 12 dumplings (2nd pic) only $3! Plus they make hand pulled noodles. If you've never sen it, you should. Basically, one thick roll of dough is made into spaghetti in a matter of minutes by hand simply by stretching the dough and separating it with their fingers. After stuffing our faces, we went to stake out a good spot for the parade. In anticipation the crowd was throwing poppers, fire crackers and confetti. Cheers from the children and myself when you could hear the bands getting closer, lol. The costumes and dragons were nothing short from amazing! Although I will say there were a lot of people in the parade that looked like they forgot about it till the morning of and just came anyway with a whack sign waving. Besides that seeing the dragons dance and stoping by the railings to show off for the crowd. I wonder if other years were this exciting…it seems kind of hard to beat the year of the dragon for costumes. Hope you enjoy the pics :)





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