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Monday, February 6, 2012

Lockerz "Behind The Seams With Stacy Igel" Season Wrap Party

Behind the Seams was officially in one of the cutest stylist studio that I've been to…literally I'd like to move in lol. Sponsored by Hpnotiq everything was covered in crystals with purple and blue accents. My favorite colors and I love to sparkle, so it was off to a great start. There was so much going on…in the far back was the Boy Meets Girl fashion lockers where you could take polaroids with their glamorous accessories. Moving back up towards the front, the dessert station (mini cupcakes, candy bags and the bar of course, decorated by Hpnotiq. All the way up was more of a lounge area. Which held the dj booth flat screen, and a row of windows looking out on midtown east. The dj was playing song after song that made you want to dance. The video of the photo shoots and look book creations for Boy Meets Girl were really cute. Definitely gave me some new ideas for styles in the spring and summer. Had fun trying on the cool eccentric accessories and taking a sassy singer polaroid. There was a great turn out and Stacy Igel was smiling nonstop. It's wonderful to see someone truly enjoying their success and being just plain happy. I would have to agree with her in calling this her "oscar moment". Stacy seeing of all of what you've done you will have many more!

Miss Teen New York
Mob Wives Carla Facciolo 
Stacy Igel & Mob Wives Carla Facciolo  
Mob Wives Ramona Rizzo and Stacy Igel
Miss New York, Mob Wives Ramona Rizzo, and Miss Teen New York

Me as a sassy singer with a rhinestoned mic :)

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