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Sunday, March 25, 2012

From Cowboy to Don Draper: The Many Looks of Stetson

Immediately when I hear the name Stetson I see images of Texas, cowboys, and hats/boots. Which is what they're most known for, but much to my surprise they go far beyond my perception. For instance, there were many pieces from their upcoming spring line that would fill the demand for the Mad Man appeal that is taking over fashion. I don't wear hats often, mostly because I'm not sure if they're flattering on me. So I was shocked to find so many that I felt I could rock and make my own. The materials and structuring of all their pieces had such great detail. If you're looking for well crafted leathers this is a great brand to check out. Same quality for much less than other retailing brands. Stetson also has faux options too :) Almost forgot, they introduced their first ever bourbon whiskey aptly named John B. Stetson Bourbon. It's smooth and flavorful; definitely helped me wash away the stress from my workday. Get your cowboy, Draper and anything in between looks to add a punch of flavor to your style! See more pics below from their beautifully decorated showroom and go to their website for more details on how you can get their products.


Chicken modeling Stetson lol

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