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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Malibu Red's Launch Party with Ne-Yo

This is how all Wednesdays should be…sipping on the delicious Malibu Red cocktails and getting serenaded by Ne-Yo. Probably one of my best nights here in the city. They didn't spare any details at this launch party at the Liberty Theatre, near the heart of Time Square. Everything glowing red, even the shot glasses had glowing red lights in them, lol. Here's a quick run through of my evening...I got in, met a few friends at the bar, picked out which fab specialty cocktail I would be drinking for the night (winner: Malibu Red Margarita) and found my primetime spot right next to the stage! Finally Ne-Yo hit the stage...I can't even explain how close he was to me, lol. He sang 6 songs including: Because of You, Closer, Miss Independent and even Give Me Everything. During Miss Independent he came over, sang to me and put the mic by me to sing back haha. Well it was kinda hard to miss me, I was wearing my yellow leather jacket :) I was the mustard to Malibu's red ketchup decor for the night. FYI more info this new product, it's a 70 proof blend that incorporates the same Caribbean rum with a kick from silver tequila. I knew there was a little something extra to the drink, plus how do you make a good margarita without tequila :) Enjoy the pics from the night!

Gotta love a good instagram shot :) Told you I was close lol


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