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Friday, March 16, 2012

My Top 8….Just Like Myspace :)

So after meeting with my focus group (aka roommates) about where my blog is going…there was a consensus that I need to inject more of myself into it and it would be faaarrrr more interesting, hope you agree :) Let's see how this goes. I like a lot of random stuff and tend to share my attention with everything that's going on. This week, like every week…numerous things caught my attention. I've never had a myspace (honestly, I swear), but I do like the idea of a top 8 lol. Seven would make sense due to there being 7 days in a week, but I feel like that just won't do! So here's my top 8 (no particular order) mostly from my instagram….it just makes everything so much prettier :)
The cherry blossoms were poppin in DC this week

Taking pictures from my bun's perspective...

Rainbow cupcakes…healthier than a rave :-p

When Kermit had fat frog legs (The Original Muppets)

The Hope Diamond
Finally made my own logo. Now I can stop lying about running out of business cards…haha

Straw bow ties & creeper staches #Zara

My faux fur mini jacket, the weather is a changin… Not going to be able to wear it much longer :( Annnnd of course, Chicken photo bombing my pics lol


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