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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Miss Jessie's Curls Night Out

Tomorrow, March 12th many curly girls around the New York area will be rejoicing that Miss Jessie's CurlBar is officially open for business. Not many know, but I have that "Sister Sister" texture hair, which is beautiful, but I find it hard to prevent frizz and keep moisturized in the winter. With Miss Jessie's products I'm singing a different tune. I've been itching to switch up my look this spring/summer. So it's going back to showcasing my natural hair texture! I will be sporting my curls for days thanks to theses luxurious hair products. No more having the fear of looking nice in the morning and slowly (or quickly depending on the weather) morphing into a frizz ball. The CurlBar offers quick service with great affordable prices, Monday thru Friday at their new Soho location. Not only will they help tame and bring out the beauty of your curls, kinks or waves; they also offer straightening options. They're cleverly named "smooth operator," "whip my curl" or "uptown girl." Go to www.missjessiescurlbar.com to make your appointment now!

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