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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Life in NYC: This Week's I Spy ~ Exclusive Kat Edition

Well, as I said before I'm trying to do a weekly top 8 about random sightings that made my week / found interesting / trying to do. I know, I'm late or earlier...depending on how you look at it with this post, but here it is! So in no particular order her are some sightings that made me take a double look, snap a pic, save an image or a link lol.

Lately, I've been trying to rock my natural texture hair again. Still trying to find my groove on getting it to look just right. I'm not sure if it's the water, the weather, age, or some combo of it all, but my hair doesn't get as curly as it used to here as it did in where I'm from (mid-west). This was a random pic I saw that had me day dreaming of what I'd look like with these curls. I don't even know if I could handle this hotness lol…so jelly! I need the right products & stylist stat!

So I was kind of a creeper with this shot and I'm pretty sure it was obvious! I couldn't help it, these sunglasses, earrings and high pony look was too cute! And...umm you don't dress that casual with those accessories not to get looked at lol.

The new big thing for nail design is the outer lining designs. I particularly found these two, to be adorable. Especially the kiwi, but both are totes cute for spring/summer!

I love a good layered look…this image shows you how layering isn't just for keeping warm. I like the monochromatic look, it really looks like a set; very adorable!

This is a picture I took on my walk home from work at night. I literally stopped and backed up just to admire it. Plus, it caught me off guard…you know…since Valentine's Day has been long gone for a while now.

Ice skater boots, randomly saw these on the girl in front of me on my way to the Darby for the Melanie Fiona's album launch. Another creeper moment, but I was more inconspicuous this time…muahaha :)

This past weekend I went to Gotham Rocks at the Gramercy Theater. My roommate's friend is in the band, The Black Fires. My first time seeing them and being in the venue period. Long story short…I had a blast! The music was good, the crowd was interesting, and their lead singer is crazy! Not bad crazy, like the eccentric, I do what I want and you'll find it fly, crazy lol. Part of the set he was dressed like a pirate and sometime he dresses a little like Jesus haha. I'm a believer that to be ordinary takes a lot more more than just being you. So, be yourself or go be at home! You can use my line if you want too ;)

Another infamous subway pic, not sure if the bag was made this way, he drew it or what, but it caught my attention. So many questions, like since when do penguins & chickens hang out…how he draw that chicken so perfect, and did he practice before committing to it? And all will never be answered…oh well. 


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