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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The First Annual Bloggers Ball at Gregory's Coffee

On March 27th, I went to the 1st Annual Bloggers Ball at the wonderfully delicious Gregory's Coffee. I was in dessert and coffee heaven! I'm a sort of new coffee drinker due to my roommate being obsessed, lol. Now desserts...I've always been a sweet enthusiast! I have no problem eating healthy as long as I can splurge on something sugary. I kinda went overboard, there were so many samples of everything from chocolates, cookies, pies, and even banana bread. I just couldn't say no... The coffee was delicious and cheaper than Starbucks (actually one of the first things I noticed). Very cute setup for the decor and I loved how you could see into the kitchen and watch everything being prepared. This event was thrown by the owner Gregory Zamfoir in support of the online "blogger" community, who most likely began in coffee shops. He put together an exclusive awards ceremony, honoring some of his favorite blogs. Gregory currently has 4 locations in Manhattan, go to their website and find your closet store and become a "gregular" today! :)

The winners included:
• Aldo Singer with http://www.independentmediamag.com for best Music Blog
• Tereza Nemmessanyi with http://www.honestlynow.com for best Online Advice
• Jonathan Valdez with http://www.orangejuiceandbiscuits.com for best Fashion Blog
• Cindy Hui with http://www.lookytasty.com for best Foodie Blog
• Jonathan Lee Mills http://www.justinrosslee.com for Best Self Promoter
• Yvonne Lee with http://www.sociallysuperlative.com for best Night Life Blog

See below for pics of the event & their 46th St/Madison location.

Cutest logo ever!

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