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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nicki Minaj Performs for the Nokia Lumia 900 Launch

Yesterday was Good & Pink Friday. I spent most of the day relaxing, strolling around Central Park and meeting up with a friend. Pretty normal weekend activities…walking home I got a text about the Lumia launch asking where was I at. I did a quick outfit change cheetah pants and a pink blazer, gotta stand out (a definite must for attending event)! Ran to the subway and hopped on the 6 (just like old school J Lo). On my way downtown, I was trying to think of the best way to get to the Renaissance Hotel in Times Square. Before I moved here I used to love going to Times Square, the lights, gigantic tvs, stores and all the crazy madness it holds. But now, I try to avoid it. Its full of people looking up and not where they're going and on top of that I absolutely hate walking slow! I transfer trains & get off in the middle of all the chaos, still getting texts "are you close, where are you"?  Back to Tom Cruise running in my 4 inch heels, trying my best part the crowd. I finally reached the Renaissance hotel and got into the elevator. Immediately heard "It's about time" sarcastically...turned around and of course there was my friend. The R Lounge was packed! First stop, the bar of course, where I was directly behind Chef Roblé and his friends! Drinks in hand we walked over to try to get a spot in the window to watch Nicki's performance. Unfortunately, I couldn't get anywhere close to the window to watch, but I was able to see the performance easily on the screens. She did 2 songs Starships & Super Bass, made an announcement and the Nokia dancers were up. I thought that was it, but to my surprise she was coming to the R Lounge which lead to everyone leaving from their window seats and gave us a chance to take over their primetime spots. Luck being on my side, they made a section for her that was directly next to me. When I say directly I mean the couch was shared just her section started on the other half of it! Nicki walked in waving and smiling at everyone. Since she was so close I was easily able to ask her for a picture. She quickly replied, "of course, of course"! Basically another great random night worth remembering. See below for more pics.

Times Square Nokia Lumia 900 & Nicki Minaj street view

Sneak Peak of the New Nokia Lumia 900

Me & Nicki

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