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Monday, April 16, 2012

First Ever NFL Pop Up Shop in NYC

Summer has absolutley everything…except for football. Every year I get excited for the warm weather, extended hours of daylight and the outdoor festivities, even though I'm secretly counting down to September. Last Thursday I went to the ladies shopping event for the opening of NYC's first ever NFL pop-up shop. Usually when I go to event I have to rush and go across town to get there. This time I only needed about 5 mins...my office is literally next door! In the last few years the amount of team sportswear for ladies has grown tremendously. There are so many options to look cute and feminine while cheering for our favorite teams. I'm from Chicago so obviously my heart lies with the Bears! But of course I have made room for my new home New York teams (more so the Giants….don't hate me lol). The guy's side opened first, I strolled in one afternoon while taking a needed break from staring at my computer screens. They have every team and represented, not to mention the awesome photography shots of famous players. I even noticed some players shoes incased like Tom Brady, Ray Lewis and for the new comers Cam Newton. Same type of decor on the women's. You can find anything you're looking for, from nail polish to boots and everything in between. I was amazed how much the amount they actually had in store…purses, bikinis, new style of beads made from kukui (Hawaiian) nuts and there was plenty for kids too! I would have to say the highlight of the night was meeting Osi Umenyiora & Dustin Keller. Both were extremely nice and happy to take pictures with anyone who asked. They had delicious snacks and you know I love to eat so of course right as I take a bite of a mini cheeseburger there was Osi, lol. He actually waited for me to finish chewing and took a pic with me :) How sweet was that! 

Get your bikini here :)

Anastasio Moda Jets Houndstooth bag
Anastasio Moda Giants Leopard bag
Me with Dustin Keller (Jets)
Me with Osi Umenyiora (Giants)

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