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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Press Preview: Say It On A Post-It! The 2012 Brand Collection

I know, I know Post-its? Brand Collection? Really? Yes and it was fanfreakintastic! The colors, accessories and the layout of the event was beautiful. Plus, who doesn't like fresh school supplies? I'm a pretty organized person, but after seeing their collection I could definitely move to a higher level. From calendars, to tabs and labels Post-It gives you so many options to get your life in check. Cute for kids and adults. Immediately when I got home my roommate's (a copyeditor) face changed to an envious glare. For the record I did offer to share! The event had a delicious drinks and lovely bites of food and yes I tried each one :-p While everyone was admiring the layout and adorable designs, I was watching a woman demonstrate how many places their new Post-It pockets would be useful and this is why…. I was waiting to see it fall, lol and to my amazement it didn't. She stuck it on the wall, in a notebook, a desk, a cabinet, man that pocket went everywhere and didn't loose it's adhesive! I can't wait to try out everything!

All my goodies :)
Posin by the Post-its 

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