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Monday, April 30, 2012

Screening Premiere for ENCORE! Sessions Presented By Absolut Vodka

When people are able to let loose and just be themselves, I find myself watching in amazement. Being brave enough to put themselves out there to have their talents showcased and the eccentric antics that come along with it. Encore is exposing us to new underground artists that let us know who they are, what their music is about and the journey they're on. The series gives you an exclusive/private look into what makes these people potential stars. The way its shot was very interesting; the colors, angles, and crowd reaction all were inspiring. Growing up I was never quite sure what I wanted to be, so I love seeing how sure and driven others can be. It gives me motivation to grow and expand my interests and goals to achieve for myself. Absolut sponsored the screening supplying a delicious line of cocktails along with small bites to eat. As you know...events with food make me happy, lol. We were able to see 2 episodes from the upcoming 'ENCORE! Sessions'. I tend to be drawn to bizarre things like how Theophilus London wore pants (they might have been leggings) resembling the hamburglar and when The Virgins spoke during their private interview they were smoking (just cigarettes) and drinks beers. Very rarely (in my opinion) do you see artists in a personal (televised) interview drinking and smoking here in the states. The premiere as a whole seemed real and genuine, the members of Encore were in full support of their selections and expressed full admiration of their talents. You can catch the 1st episode featuring Theophilus London tomorrow, May 1st. All performances were filmed at the recently opened Le Baron in Chinatown (NYC). 


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