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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Camper Unveils New House of Shoes

Somehow on the bleakest rainy week Camper was able to score a beautiful night where the precipitation finally gave us a break. At 8:30 sharp the ribbon was cut and unveiling of the new House of Shoes began. The design of the building alone was stunning, designed by Shigeru Ban. Depending on where you were standing/looking you got a different view of the store. When entering Camper you see the name along the walls, but from inside you see the mirrored shelves with shoes for days. Same goes for the ceiling one way you see red the other white. All the windows were actually siding doors, perfect for the approaching summer. If you don't know there are great shoes for everyone...fancy, casual, cool and comfortable. To be honest I my focus was on the food…surprise surprise :) The best gift of all was the fan they gave us. For those that don't know subways turn into ovens during the summer, ugh. So this was just what I needed!


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